June 14, 2023By Lance Baily

Society for Simulation in Europe SESAM 2023 Opens in Lisbon with Most Attendees Ever

The Society for Simulation in Europe, SESAM, opened its annual conference in Lisbon today to the largest number of delegates ever, with more than 1,000 attendees from all over Europe and the world! With three days of networking events, expert presentation lectures and workshops, exhibitor demonstrations, simulation center tours, and exciting competitions, the EU-based healthcare simulation conference is already off to an amazing start. As a proud media sponsor, HealthySimulation.com is honored to capture some of the magic in this article.

Watch the afternoon SESAM keynote presentation Live From SESAM: Competency-Based Education in Procedural Surgery Skills: An IPE Approach now!

SESAM President Dr. Francisco Maio Matos opened the Worldspan managed event, first welcoming delegates from Ukraine who were able to join the conference. He then reminded the community that the SESAM is not just an annual conference but a thriving non-profit organization with helpful online resources, including training programs, accreditation opportunities, research publications, community discussions, student involvement programs, and more. Francisco then brought up to the stage SESAM secretary Pier Luigi Ingrassia, who introduced the keynote lecture sponsor Lou Oberbdorf.

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Lou shared his passion for supporting those teaching with clinical simulation. Lou reminded the audience that those in the audience took the challenge of overcoming the COVID crisis by utilizing the healthcare simulation methodology and technologies and passed with flying colors, suggesting that the European simulation society came out stronger from the experience. He reminded the audience about the importance of their work, and applauded their commitment to improving healthcare through simulated experiences. Lou then introduced the Lou Oberndorf keynote lecture speakers Debra Nestel, Nicole Harder and Gabriel Reedy, suggesting that this year’s presentation demonstrates the maturity of the industry, highlighting that collaboration is crucial to the continued growth of the healthcare simulation industry.

The presentation entitled “Simulation Research and Scholarship: Reviewing the Literature and Shaping the Future”, brought together for the first time, Debra Nestel, Editor of Chief of the new International Journal of Healthcare Simulation, Nicole Harder, Editor of Chief of INACSL’s Clinical Simulation of Nursing journal, and Gabriel Reedy, Editor in Chief of SESAM’s Advances of Simulation journal. During the keynote, the presenters navigated the research and scholarship landscape in healthcare, explored selected themes happening globally, and looked to the future of clinical simulation research.

Dr. Nestel explained that 45% of all medical simulation research is based in the US, with 32% of articles having students as the primary research participant group, with 57% of research covering in-person simulation activities. Key themes currently include simulation as an educational method, learners, faculty, scholarship and research, quality improvement and policy adherence, simulator development, and reviews. After presenting six examples of the most recent healthcare simulation research, the collaborative team made some key recommendations, including: using innovative sections of research journals to examine what new technical innovations have already been covered, consider opportunities for research in interdisciplinary healthcare education collaboration (including those outside of clinical practice), developing more international authored research projects highlighting the need for more equity and inclusion, power structures in clinical education and practice, and more.

Throughout the next three days, dozens of presentations, poster research, and guided workshops will be provided by leading nursing simulation, surgical simulation, and healthcare simulation specialists from all over the world.

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SESAM 2023 Presentations & Workshops to Include:

  • Interprofessional in-situ simulation training within your department; how to make it work and avoid pitfalls
  • Telling a Compelling Story to Publish your Ideas and Research: Academic Writing 101
  • How to use LEGO and blueprints to train, develop, improve, and assess workflow in healthcare. Lets explore Tabletop simulation as method
  • Lights, Camera, Action! Increasing Simulation Realism by Becoming a Hollywood Director
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) by design: How, when and why to design inequity into simulation in order to address it in the wider world
  • Knowing when to teach, coach, or debrief: A roadmap for implementing With Good Judgment across the SimZones
  • Setting up a simulation-based inter or intraprofessional learning program for pre-registration healthcare students
  • Behavioural skills for healthcare professionals: enhancing communications training with interactive performance
  • De-roling techniques for healthcare professionals: learning from the dramatic arts how to change roles and emotional states
  • Workshop provides educators a framework to train Standardised Patients on delivering learner centred feedback
  • SP Feedback Practices: What do we know now? And how can we do better?
  • And many more!

The event also hosted the most number of healthcare simulation technology vendors ever including CAE Healthcare, SimX, Laerdal, Nasco Healthcare, Surgical Science, TacMed Solutions, Intelligent Ultrasound, SimConverse, Echo Healthcare and many more!

HealthySimulation.com Live Streams Afternoon Keynote on Surgical Simulation

At 5PM WEST / 9AM PT / 12PM ET, will present their afternoon keynote “Competency-based education in procedural skills in surgery: an interprofessional collaborative approach”. Presented by Professor Lars Konge and Ms Leizl Joy Nayahangan, this session will provide invaluable insights into the advancements made in competency-based surgical education. Lars and Leizl will share their collaborative experiences on innovative methods for acquiring and ensuring competences in procedural skills. In this session, attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of the following key areas:

  • Exploration of the latest trends and principles in competency-based education and its application in surgical skills training.
  • Demonstration of the effectiveness of simulation-based training in surgical skill acquisition and assessment.
  • Exploration of interprofessional collaborative approaches to competency-based education
  • Introduction to novel and innovative approaches to training and assessing procedural competences in surgery.

Join the open access online presentation, or watch the recording, by registering for “Competency-based education in procedural skills in surgery: an interprofessional collaborative approach” now!

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