May 8, 2023By Teresa Gore

Echo Healthcare Announces Integration of BioDigital Interactive 3D Immersive Interactive Technology

Echo Healthcare announces the integration of BioDigital Interactive 3D anatomical content for healthcare simulation education within their Immersive Interactive projected wall technology. In a technology-rich world, students of all ages are becoming exposed to interactive ways of learning, outside of the traditional textbook and whiteboard modalities. Rather than the learners imagining they are in a particular environment described, the learners can now be completely immersed into feeling like they are in that exact simulated environment by simply walking into an immersive learning space. And because the participants are visually surrounded by realistic simulated environments and able to hear and smell what would be present in that particular setting, naturally a learner’s level of engagement and emotional attachment increases. This article will explore the benefits of Echo Healthcare’s BioDigital Interactive 3D.

Immersive technology has become incredibly popular throughout simulation spaces worldwide to enhance the level of realism of simulated training environments and the way educational content is delivered to learners today. “Immersive learning engages the senses, allowing employees to watch, listen and interact within the learning experience – and research shows that such experiences can increase knowledge retention by up to 75%” as explained by BIG THINK + on the effect the same immersive learning environments provide to organizational employees. Check out the Immersive Interactive wall in’s recent IMSH 2023 exhibit hall tour with Echo Healthcare CEO Kevin King:

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Immersive Interactive

Recognizing the educational impact of immersive classrooms and simulated learning environments, Echo Healthcare remains at the forefront of education and this training provides the technology with their Immersive Interactive system. Immersive Interactive is the leading system globally for immersive learning spaces with over 1,000 installations across all levels of education and training. Because Immersive Interactive’s software is so robust and user-friendly, the same interactive learning environment technology can be applied in any education and training program for any learner level and also offers a robust offering for special needs learners.

Echo Healthcare’s Immersive Interactive system continues to make waves throughout the medical simulation space offering an all-encompassing solution to provide interactive and engaging training environments for all medical and healthcare specialties. With Immersive Interactive, faculty can simulate their learners being in the operating room, on the scene of a multi vehicle car crash, in the back of an ambulance or in any clinical training environment your simulation curriculum calls for!

Complete with interactive visuals on the walls, learners have the ability to touch the walls to pull up X-rays, lab reports, quizzes, didactic content, video content and anything related to the scenario. And because Immersive Interactive does not require the use of goggles or headsets, learners are fully engaged with any simulated manikins and training equipment involved in the immersive scenario and can participate in multi-disciplinary or group training within a single immersive room.

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BioDigital Interactive 3D

In addition, Echo Healthcare recently announced the integration of BioDigital’s interactive 3D content into their widely used Immersive Interactive technology further enhancing the hands-on learning opportunities available to simulation programs globally. With the integration of BioDigital, Immersive Interactive users now have access to thousands of interactive 3D visualizations to increase competency in anatomy, disease and treatment processes. With these 3D models, learners can see inside of the entire human body, look in depth into specific systems and understand how they function normally and abnormally, identify human disease and health conditions and interact with treatment procedures. The medically accurate BioDigital content is ideal for teaching basic anatomy, physiology and pharmacology all the way into complex disease diagnosis and treatments and everything in between.

With this BioDigital integration, faculty can now provide an interactive way to fully engage their students in learning anatomy, conditions and treatments for male, female and pediatric patients. Learners can interact with the 3D models using Immersive Interactive’s touch-sensor walls to rotate or dissect the anatomy, pull up diagnostic images, participate in interactive quizzes and much more! Simulated scenarios, which integrate BioDigital content, will also be available to Immersive Interactive users to integrate into their curriculum.

“We are extremely excited to offer BioDigital content within Immersive Interactive. This enhancement allows faculty an exciting and engaging way to teach anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, disease process, interactive treatment process and so much more in a way that is hands-on, fun and increases comprehension amongst all learner levels. Our students today are proven to be hands-on, visual learners that retain information outside of the traditional textbook approach so we are thrilled to be able to offer this!” says Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.

About Echo Healthcare

Echo Healthcare was founded in 2018 by a group of passionate simulation experts whose mission is to improve patient outcomes and save lives through innovation, education and simulation technologies. Echo Healthcare is a worldwide leader offering a diverse product line consisting of realistic medical training manikins and task trainers, patient monitoring equipment, immersive learning spaces and an entire product portfolio geared towards enhancing realism in patient simulation. Watch a recent LEARN CE/CME Platform webinar from the Echo Healthcare team on Putting It All Together: Enhancing Realism in Clinical Simulation Scenarios.

About BioDigital

Often referred to as “Google Maps for the Human Body,” the BioDigital Human platform is a medically accurate, virtual map of the human body – composed of over 8,000 individually selectable anatomical structures, 600 simulated health conditions and a toolkit to map and visualize data. BioDigital is used at the top medical schools and education companies, equipping tomorrow’s clinicians with the training they’ll need to reduce the third leading cause of death – medical errors.

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