August 20, 2013By Lance Baily

OtoSim Provides Otoscopy and Ophthalmoscopy Simulation Training Systems


Recently I had a chance to meet with the folks from OtoSim to learn more about their Otoscopy and Ophthalmoscopy Simulation Training Systems. I was really impressed by the level of realism and depth of learning that could take place with these devices. Watch the video below to learn more!

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From the OtoSim website:

“OtoSim™ was developed by a renowned multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, educators, and engineers. Drs. Forte and Campisi recognized the deficiencies that exist in current-day otoscopic training, pioneered the OtoSim™ device to resolve the problem and proved its value through a scientific study. Enlisting commercialization support from MaRS Innovation and The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), the multi-disciplinary team engineered the device and developed the software to create OtoSim™”. The product was invented by Dr. Vito Forte – MD, FRCSC and Dr. Paolo Campisi – MSc, MD, FRCSC, FAAP.

OtoSimTM has been shown to improve the diagnostic accuracy of 3rd year medical students by 44%! OtoSimTM is an integrated system that interactively improves the accuracy of diagnosing pathologies of the ear through experiential learning in a realistic geometry.

About the OtoSim Otoscopy Trainer:

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  • Realistic Ear Geometry:
    • Earform: realistic feel, shape, and composition with various ear canal complexities.
    • Tympanic Membrane: Unique optics enables OtoSimTM to project a 1cm wide image of the tympanic membrane—a realistic clinical scenario.
    • Combined with the use of an otoscope, the small image and narrow field of view caused by the speculum creates a realistic simulation
  • Content:
    • Proprietary database of over 200 high-resolution images of various ear pathologies.
    • Detailed educational descriptions
  • Software:
    • Landmarking function to highlight specific features to be viewed by the student through an otoscope, and encourages student-instructor interactions
    • Intuitive, easy-to-use graphic interface
  • Multiplexing Function:
    • Connect up to 6 OtoSim units at the same time to deliver a consistent message and efficiently use instructor time.


 About the OphthoSim™ Opthalmoscope Trainer:

  • The custom OphthoSim ophthalmoscope contains position-detecting hardware that enables the OphthoSim™ software to track the ophthalmoscope’s movement and orientation.
  • Tracked movements control the display of the appropriate retinal region through the OphthoSim™ Eye.

Realistic Eye Geometry

  • The OphthoSim™ Eye replicates the human eye’s magnification to provide realistic simulation.
  • The OphthoSim™ Eye’s iris can dilate and constrict to alter the field of view during an examination.
  • The OphthoSim™ can simulate saccades to replicate realistic examination scenarios by forcing students to re-orient.

OphthoSim™ Content

  • Training modules to practice ophthalmoscopy
  • Testing routines to rate diagnostic accuracy and efficiency
  • Retina images include:
    • Normal Retinas
    • Diabetic Retinopathy
    • Hypertensive Retinopathy
    • Papilledema
  • Detailed descriptions of each clinical scenario.

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