June 14, 2022By Lance Baily

Pocket Nurse Offers New Design Services for Healthcare Education Construction and Renovation Planning

The list of components needed to operate a successful healthcare simulation program is extensive and varied: beds and furniture, manikins and anatomical models, a myriad of medical equipment, disposable supplies, and much more. For an organization planning to build or renovate a simulation lab or other educational space, tying those many pieces into a productive yet adaptable learning space can be daunting. This is why an overarching need exists within healthcare education for comprehensive project planning and management services to design and oversee many distinct types of capital improvement ventures. Room design for simulation-based education can include both new construction and renovation planning; each requires a learning space that is thoughtfully crafted for the success of both its instructors and its learners. To help meet this need, Pocket Nurse recently introduced its Design Services department.

According to the Pocket Nurse website, Design Services and its team of experts is “prepared to help its clients design their new facility for optimum versatility and efficient use of space, high functionality, and the ability to spark inspiration among both instructors and learners.” In addition, there is no client cost to partner with Design Services for a project; the only costs incurred are those of goods and services ordered.

Pocket Nurse further explains that each education space must be designed to suit a particular purpose yet be adaptable to accommodate a wide range of quickly changing learning scenarios. For this reason, the nurse-owned manufacturer and distributor of healthcare education equipment and supplies claims to be uniquely qualified to help with any medical program capital improvement project. Boasting an experienced team of consultants and architect partners, Pocket Nurse is ready to help design the ideal instructional space for nearly any type of specialized instruction (Med Surg, OBGYN, physician office, pre-hospital, emergency room, simulation lab, and mobile work areas, among many others) and budget.

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Get As Much (Or As Little) Help as You Need

Pocket Nurse’s website states, “If you have a vision (or even if you don’t) for your new construction or renovation project, we have the experience and knowledge to provide guidance and help you achieve your goals,” Aaron Vicari, Pocket Nurse Vice President of Sales Operations, echoes this sentiment by stating, “Design Services is truly an A-to-Z solution for healthcare education programs. From initial project conception to planning the room flow and simulation equipment selection, down to the finishing touches such as curtain colors and artwork, our team has unmatched experience and know-how to help breathe new life into any educational space.”

Pocket Nurse is poised to help clients navigate the often-intimidating journey of building (or remodeling) a healthcare simulation lab or other education-related space. The company is ready to assist with everything including room design, custom furniture selection, stocking all supplies, delivery management, planning for complex equipment installations, and more. While Design Services specializes in project management for clinical instruction spaces, the breadth of areas with which it can assist is wide-ranging.

In addition to simulation labs, their capabilities also include designing debriefing rooms, nursing student lounges, reception areas, office spaces, storage rooms, art galleries, and much more. “There is almost no limit to the type of space we can help design and furnish” comments Mr. Vicari. “Some of the best-known medical schools have trusted Pocket Nurse with not only their classrooms and labs but important support spaces that are also vital to learning.”

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A Four-Step Process

If you’re a healthcare educator looking to start a construction or renovation project, how do you get the ball rolling with the Design Services team? Step one is to contact Pocket Nurse for a no-obligation needs assessment. Their design consultants will meet with you to discuss the purposes of your future space(s), the expected flow of learners and instructors, storage needs, equipment requirements, budget guidelines, and more. Specialty needs such as furniture, artwork, logistics, and staging can also be discussed, along with other significant and perhaps even unusual requirements you may have. You may also provide any previously developed blueprints and/or project plans (if those exist at this stage), and Design Services will collaborate with your architect to help develop the project.

In step two, the Design Services team provides several complimentary rough project design renderings that meet your needs and suit your budget. This helps to establish direction for the project and further define your program’s goals. You may then choose the option you prefer to be further developed, and the Design Services team will hone that choice into a formal and detailed project proposal.

You will then be presented with full-color 3D project plans in step three, the proposal phase. The project now begins to take shape you can start to envision your future learning space. The Design Services team will walk you through all aspects of the project, answer questions, and tweak the design as necessary. Only upon full satisfaction with the proposal would you formally approve and construction and/or renovation work can be scheduled. “The goal in the proposal stage is to cement a mutual trust where we’re walking in lock-step with the client into stage four, where we actually build the space,” adds Mr. Vicari.

Step four is where the multitude of project components all come together with Design Service’s comprehensive logistics management. The team’s specialists will guide the client and assist with every step, which could include a range of tasks such as ordering building supplies, equipment shipping and delivery, coordinating scheduling and logistics of staging, assembly, setup, and even details such as the removal of packaging debris. Design Services can oversee as much or as little during this project phase as the client wishes and will be there for every step until completion.

More About Pocket Nurse

Pocket Nurse is a leading distributor and manufacturer of medical supplies and equipment for simulation and healthcare education. A nurse-owned and operated company, Pocket Nurse has been a valued partner in Nursing, EMS, Pharmacy, and Allied Healthcare education since 1992.

The company is a distributor of the most well-known and trusted brands in healthcare simulation, including Pocket Nurse’s proprietary brands such as Demo Dose, simulated medication and Totes simulation supply bags. The company is proud to offer proven products from many of the industry’s leading brands including Hillrom, Stryker, Laerdal, KbPort, Graham-Field, Welch-Allyn, Omnicell, and many more. Pocket Nurse’s extensive range of products provides options to suit nearly any healthcare curriculum and budget.

To learn more about Pocket Nurse and Design Services project design and management, visit PocketNurse.com or call 800-225-1600.

Learn More About Pocket Nurse’s Design Services

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