July 22, 2013By Lance Baily

MedicalShipment.com Provides Pyxis Machine & Medical Supplies To Nursing Schools


Dan Mimic was on hand at INACSL 2013 to share more MedicalShipment.com, exclusive educational distributor of the Pyxis Machine and provider of medical supplies for nursing labs across the country. The Pyxis Medication Management system is the same dispensing units found in hospitals and medical centers around the United States, and is now being sold as a training unit to nursing schools interested in minimizing learning gaps for graduating students. I was really impressed by the system itself, and support the integration of high-use professional healthcare equipment being directly taught in educational programs. Just like with simulation, with the Pyxis system Nursing Schools can provide more realistic training experiences that directly relate to future professional positions.

Watch the video interview below to learn more about this growing company:

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About the Pyxis MedStation 4000:

pyxis nursing school

The Pyxis MedStation system is a leading automated dispensing system supporting decentralized medication management. Barcode scanning to help ensure accurate medication dispensing, features to prevent loading of the wrong medication and active alerts to provide an added safety precaution for high risk medications are just a few of the ways the Pyxis MedStation system can help your facility support safe and efficient medication management. 4-Drawer Main Training Unit with Demo Database Software and Pyxis MedStation 4000 Single Column Auxiliary 4-door.

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medical shipment brochure

MedicalShipment.com also unveiled their brand new online and offline catalog of medical supplies now available to healthcare educators, as well as a unique ‘quoting’ system called “Add To Quote”. Dan reminded us in the video above that, for a multitude of reasons, a lot of nursing schools need quotes for supplies. MedicalShipment.com now provides an online and convenient way to get quotes on the items your program specifically needs, by simply selecting “add to quote” instead of “add to cart” when shopping their website.

To learn more about the Pyxis MedStation 4000, Add to Quote, and their new catalog visit MedicalShipment.com today!

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