December 23, 2021By Lance Baily

XR Management Platform ArborXR Helps Enterprise Companies Scale

Extended Reality (XR) combines environments and human-machine interactions to enhance realism across both learning and workplace environments, and many companies are currently developing solutions to further advance technological possibilities. One such company, ArborXR, is an enterprise-grade XR device management, content management, and content distribution solution for enterprise companies and XR solutions providers looking to scale. ArborXR’s mission is to help people live more meaningful lives through the power of XR. The company’s solutions are designed to give learners time to be more present, complete more purposeful work, foster deeper relationships, and ultimately establish a better world.

“We put on a VR headset for the first time in 2016 and were struck with a simple idea that ‘VR is going to change the world and we want to be part of shaping it for good,’” said Will Stackable, Co-Founder at ArborXR. “Six weeks later we opened the first VR Arcade in the Midwest and realized the need for software in a commercial setting. We built a device management platform and launched in 2017, and over the next 18 months we became the market leader in Location-Based VR Entertainment with customers in 40+ countries.”

In 2020, with five years of experience in scaling XR globally, ArborXR narrowed the company’s focus to the enterprise. Designed from the ground up with this use-case in mind, ArborXR allows users to add multiple organizations to their portal for a secure grouping of content, devices, and users. Users can save time with bulk device provisioning and can use the platform to securely manage thousands of devices, support factory reset, establish Wi-Fi provisioning, certificates, and more.

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Users can additionally build a content library, deploy apps and 360° files with version control and support for large file sizes. Further, ArborXR users can work with ISV partners to share content updates, and lock down the in-headset user experience with Kiosk Mode or Multi-App Launcher. The platform is built to support all Android-based standalone VR and AR devices and allows users to securely share content and updates with their enterprise clients in just a few clicks. Other features include the ability to manage our users, devices, and software in a simple, clean interface quickly and easily. We can now protect our IP and deploy to multiple devices while our users only need to put on their headset to access the latest available content, said Daniel Peachey, CTO at OxfordVR.

In healthcare, XR opens up new possibilities for improving patient lives, better training, and brand-new medical treatments. Practically speaking, the technology can also help save companies thousands of dollars and dramatically improve outcomes. Plus, COVID-19 has only accelerated the adoption of XR. This technology is rapidly being adopted globally. What is the problem? Companies today are using consumer hardware without software to help them scale. As they go from pilot projects with a few headsets to larger deployments of hundreds or thousands of headsets, they get stuck. Mailing headsets back and forth. Plugging in cables every time they need to update an app. XR is powerful, but it isn’t practical yet. ArborXR was built to help solve these problems. With ArborXR, companies can:

  • Manage thousands of devices with enterprise-level security and control.
  • Build a content library of apps and 360 content.
  • Deploy apps and updates remotely.
  • Control the patient or employee experience in-headset.

“Our vision is to make it incredibly easy for every employee, student, and patient to use XR in a way that improves their life,” added Stackable. “We want to be the global leader in helping organizations manage devices, find transformative content, and create an effortless in-headset experience for end-users.”

Users can manage AR and VR device policies and deploy content to a range of Android-based standalone AR and VR devices, including popular headsets like the HTC VIVE Focus 3, HTC VIVE Focus Plus, Pico Neo 3, Pico Neo 2, Pico G2 4K, Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, Vuzix M400, and more.

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“If you want an enterprise-grade hardware management solution for your developers and customers, you need to check out ArborXR. An enterprise-grade solution with none of the hoops, strings, and walled gardens we usually need to work within,” shared Todd Daniel, a managing partner at Shiny Box Interactive.

ArborXR Provision Devices: Desktop Provisioning App (Coming Soon)

      • Provision multiple devices at once (a single PC can provision as many devices simultaneously as you have USB ports).
      • Save time and bandwidth by generating a configuration package.*
      • With one click headsets get apps, files, Wi-Fi configurations, and other device settings installed on device setup.

Factory Device Provisioning

      • With supported hardware manufacturers, provision headsets at the factory.
      • This means headsets ship out with apps, files and settings pre-installed.

Group Devices: Organize AR & VR devices into groups, apply group settings, and install apps.

Device Groups: Groups save you time and help you organize & manage your AR & VR device fleet. With one click you can install apps or apply settings to all the devices in a group.

Device Sorting & Filtering: Users can sort by device name or serial number, or filter by tag, device type, last online date, and version of Arbor installed on the device.

Wi-Fi Provisioning: Create a library of Wi-Fi network configurations, then remotely deploy configurations to devices to remotely connect them to new networks.

ArborXR, Axon Partnership

In November 2021, ArborXR announced that the company has teamed with Axon, a global provider of connected public safety technologies, to deploy VR training technology. The partnership was designed to enable Axon to remotely deploy software updates and add new public safety training content to agencies’ HTC VIVE Focus 3 headsets powered by ArborXR across North America.

“VR is rapidly growing, and this announcement is big news for the entire AR/VR industry. We’re excited to partner with Axon to build a comprehensive solution for VR on a large scale, in what is anticipated to be one of the largest VR deployments to date,” said ArborXR CEO and Co-Founder, Brad Scoggin. “ArborXR will serve as the backbone for Axon’s virtual reality-based public safety training across North America. We are honored to help Axon provide a best-in-class VR experience.”

ArborXR’s software will further enable Axon to deploy training content, support, and troubleshoot customer deployments to ensure a consistent user experience, according to the company. Additionally, ArborXR provides an array of user experiences and features for deploying and managing a fleet of headsets. By boosting the capability to scale the solution, ArborXR stated that the company’s involvement will help Axon its mission to protect life. ArborXR is cloud-based and was built with enterprise security needs in mind. Note, at the moment, the platform does not support PC-powered VR.

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