October 22, 2021By Lance Baily

Remedy Simulation Group Launches CHAMP Canine Venipuncture & Injection Trainer

Healthcare simulation exceeds the ability to only increase the safety of human patients. Increasingly, clinical simulation training and education have been employed at veterinary medicine institutions and facilities. A leader in the medical simulation industry, Remedy Simulation Group has helped supply this sector of the industry with the clinical simulation resources needed to optimize learning. Aligned with the company’s mission to produce realistic, tactile nursing task trainers as well as custom contract manufacturing projects for other companies and educational facilities, Remedy Simulation has launched a veterinary skills trainer, Canine Hindlimb Advanced Model for Phlebotomy (CHAMP).

CHAMP represents Remedy’s initial foray into the Veterinary Medical Simulation field. Working in conjunction with experts in the industry, Remedy developed a simulation model that accurately represents a canine hindlimb in both appearance and functional anatomy. The company’s modular system allows trainees to practice venipuncture procedures on the lateral saphenous vein in the lower leg as well as intramuscular and subcutaneous injections in the upper thigh.

Both sections function independently and can be purchased as a complete unit or individually. CHAMP is constructed with urethane rubber and foam giving the task trainer a realistic look and feel with an authentic weight and skin texture.

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Additionally, each complete CHAMP model includes a lower leg Venipuncture/IV trainer, upper thigh Injection trainer, IV tubing, IV bag, and simulated blood pack. Remedy Simulation Group fabricates every CHAMP in the USA at the company’s Perkasie, PA facility utilizing proprietary manufacturing techniques and locally sourced materials. Pricing is as follows:

  • Complete CHAMP model MSRP – $450
  • Replacement Upper Thigh unit MSRP – $125
  • Replacement Lower Leg unit MSRP – $350

More About Veterinary Simulation

Veterinary Simulation is simulation training for veterinary technicians, nurses, and doctors. Veterinary simulation helps learners become familiar with the unique healthcare needs of animals, primarily animal companions (pets such as cats, dogs, and rabbits) and farm animals (horses, cows, and pigs). Veterinary simulation models allow learners to gain knowledgeable experience without causing harm to living animals.

As with most simulation education, the purpose of a veterinary simulation is to develop and hone specific clinical and psychomotor skill sets. For animals, those skill sets can range from the routine and simple – such as giving injections, starting IVs, and suturing – to more complex or rare events. Healthcare simulation scenarios for veterinary students depend on the types of animals a vet practice will see, and that can range from the usual animal companions to avian and reptile companions, farm animals and animal husbandry, and even wildlife.

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Simulation training will also depend on the level of education a learner is going to pursue. Veterinarians are highly educated medical doctors specifically tasked with protecting the health of animals and the people who care for them. Veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians have similar educational training to each other. These individuals have mastered veterinary science and technology, and incorporate care for animals into their professional practices. Simulation education for veterinary doctors can encompass animal husbandry and surgery, and for vet techs and nurses, it will encompass diagnostic practices, giving immunizations, and other technical processes.

More About Remedy Simulation Group

Remedy Simulation Group utilizes the best combination of old-school production methods and cutting-edge technology, providing solutions to the medical education community and beyond. Remedy Simulation Group offers an industry-leading line of medical simulation products that were developed in conjunction with the country’s top simulation centers.

Remedy Simulation Group manufactures all products in its Perkasie, Pennsylvania, location and uses materials from United States suppliers only. Remedy Simulation Group also offers custom and contract manufacturing and has partnered with some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical companies. Remedy Simulation Group looks forward to “Improving the Standard of Practice” with all our industry partners.

Learn More About Remedy Simulation Group’s CHAMP Canine Venipuncture & Injection Trainer

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