October 6, 2021By Lance Baily

Breaking News: CAE Healthcare Bolsters Remote Learning Task Trainer Line with Medicor-LAB Acquisition

CAE Healthcare, a leading expert in healthcare simulation, education and innovation, recently announced its acquisition of Medicor-LAB, a Montreal-based company known for its realistic and durable task trainers. The addition enhances and expands CAE Healthcare’s procedure-focused portfolio, providing a full suite of products across three major categories: skills-training manikins, high-fidelity patient simulators and task trainers. The CAE Medicor line perfectly complements CAE Blue Phantom, CAE Healthcare’s suite of ultrasound-focused training products.

“We are understandably proud of the range and capabilities of our mid- and high-fidelity manikins and yet we recognized the desire to broaden our reach and possibilities with customers by offering task trainers,” said Heidi Wood, president of CAE Healthcare.

Medicor was founded in 2016 by two former EMS technicians who were looking to offer their colleagues an enhanced and differentiated training solution. Like most healthcare workers, the duo had regularly endured stressful scenarios for which they wanted to be better prepared. Focusing on task trainers, they designed and tested different approaches, ultimately developing a proprietary process that creates lifelike skin and dermal tissue.

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The CAE Medicor line uses that discovery, known as MedicSkin® and MedicGel®, to create realism. The trainers feature subcutaneous fibers and palpable, resistant bones as well as internal foam to enhance the healthcare simulation experience. The products are washable, durable, hypoallergenic, hygienic, mold-resistant and self-healing. Designed for ease of use, IV-arm skins can be replaced in just five minutes. CAE Medicor products are aimed at providing hands-on clinical practice to aspiring and credentialed nurses, physicians, emergency medical technicians and military personnel. Products span a range of specialties and procedures:

  • Nursing and patient care
  • Obstetrics and pediatrics
  • Gynecology and urology
  • Injections and venipuncture
  • Wound care
  • Suturing and stapling
  • Ultrasound
  • Minor surgery
  • Emergency care and trauma

The solutions can stand alone, be worn by standardized patients or be used in conjunction with the full line of CAE mid- and high-fidelity manikins. CAE Healthcare will debut the CAE Medicor line of products at EMS World Expo from October 6 to 8 in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to offering attendees hands-on practice during the Simulation Lab, CAE will demonstrate its Stop-the-Bleed arm at its EMS World booth (515). During the live demos, attendees will see how to assess and address a traumatic injury using this specialized task trainer, which features lifelike bleeding as well as lower- and upper-arm wounds to enhance learners’ medical triage training.

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More About CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare has a unique and wide range of manikins for simulation medical training including the Human Patient Simulator (HPS), Apollo, Ares (emergency medicine simulator), Lucina (obstetric simulator), Luna (neonatal simulator), and Aria (pediatric simulator). Most of these high-fidelity medical simulation manikins now run on CAE Healthcare’s patented Maestro software. As one of the original innovators of medical simulation technology, CAE Healthcare has continued to innovate new learning products and solutions that support the world’s healthcare industry.

For example, in addition to a wide range of mid-and high-fidelity simulators, they also provide audiovisual debriefing solutions, such as LearningSpace, their learning management system. They also have a full range of surgical simulators including the CAE LapVR, CAE EndoVR, and CAE CathLabVR, as well as the Vimedix ultrasound simulator, the only ultrasound simulator to use multiplanar reconstruction and 3D/4D scanning.

More About Medicor-LAB

Medicor LAB was founded in 2016 by two businessmen with the aim of revolutionizing medical simulation. Mathieu Hacala and Mathieu Ruel launched Medicor LAB shortly after practicing the profession of a firefighter. They had the idea of making products that add more realism to the different simulation scenarios.

To this end, the founders worked hard for over a year to create a unique material for Medicor LAB: MedicSkin®. This technological innovation has since helped improve simulations in several medical fields. Medicor LAB now has more than 200 products used and appreciated in more than 500 health and education facilities. From the simplest product to the most advanced surgery simulator, Medicor LAB continues to accomplish its mission by making a significant difference in medical simulation.

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