April 16, 2021By Lance Baily

Wallcur Practi-Meds Enable COVID-19 Vaccine Simulation Training

As medical professionals work continuously to combat the coronavirus pandemic, simulated medications and “practi-products” company, Wallcur, has been helping them prepare to administer an array of medications successfully. Through the company’s line of Practi-Products, learners and professionals can gain experience using and administering personal protective equipment (PPE) and simulated medications to gain the experience and knowledge needed to react in real-world situations. Throughout the pandemic, Wallcur has continued to fulfill the needs of the healthcare simulation community to keep clinical education operating.

To do so, Wallcur has distributed a number of key products, which have become especially useful during COVID-19 times. For example, the company launched a new Practi-Vaccine 5 mL (1 mg/mL) vial for clinical training to simulate a 5 mg/5 mL vaccine. The simulated vaccine is designed to teach the essential skills necessary to calculate, measure and administer a multi-dose vaccine.

“We launched our two new Practi-Vaccines in December 2020. We added these critical training tools to our product line based on industry request and in response to the current training needs generated from the pandemic,” explained Wendy LaGrange, director of sales and business development at Wallcur. “With so many practitioners (beyond nurses) needing to administer vaccines quickly and efficiently, such as EMS professionals, doctors, etc., the need for increased vaccine training and getting all practitioners “re-familiar” with intramuscular injections as well as medication reconstitution, was critical.”

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The Practi-Vaccine 5 mL vial is filled with distilled water, is safe for use with simulation manikins and task trainers, and is ideal for the most current and relevant skills training for nursing and pharmacy programs. These skills include vial opening and handling dexterity techniques, aseptic precautions specific to multi-dose vials, and small-vial air pressure changes / air replacement technique. The vials also help learners understand intramuscular and subcutaneous injection techniques, multiple-dose calculations and fractional-dosage measurement.

Along with the vials, Wallcur designed the Practi-Injecta Pad injection simulator to withstand thousands of needle punctures as learners practice injection techniques. The Practi-InjectaPad comes in three sizes, and is ideal for multiple users in a skill lab or for individual use in a student lab kit. The pad’s thickness allows for multiple needle lengths, with both top and bottom surfaces available for injection of air or fluid. Thepad provides excellent hands-on clinical simulation practice for student’s learning to master intramuscular or subcutaneous injection techniques with lifelike tissue displacement, skin puncture resistance and aspiration tension.

These pads are fully drainable, reusable and highly cost effective. They contain a patented gel for a lifelike feeling, and unlike foam-based injection clinical simulators will not mold with liquid injections. The pads can also be paired with Wallcur’s interchangeable Practi-Anatomical Templates to represent the most commonly used landmarks and injection sites, or the Practi-SimSkin to simulate intradermal injections.

“Our simulated vaccines, along with our Practi-Injecta Pads, provided an essential, cost-effective tool to be able to increase those trainings very rapidly,” LaGrange said. “The response has been phenomenal. We have partnered with several schools, hospitals and other simulation companies to make our Practi-Vaccines widely available for training.”

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Additionally, the Practi-Anatomical Template for the large Practi-Injecta Pads provide a more realistic clinical simulation with better visualization of landmark identification and conveying of why correct injection technique must be mastered. Each anatomical template overlays the surface area of the standard 7″x7″ Practi-Injecta Pad, allowing for quick visualization and realistic needle placement. Learners in nursing, pharmacy, EMT, medical corps, and medical assisting programs can practice countless needle-stick injections independently.

“Laboratory simulation classes can benefit from using Wallcur’s Practi-Anatomical Templates to provide a more realistic simulation with better visualization of landmark identifications and how correct injection techniques can be mastered,” added LaGrange. “Our templates overlay the surface area of our Practi-Injecta Pads allowing for quick visualization and realistic needle placement. Students in nursing, pharmacy, EMS and medical corps can practice countless need sticks and become more familiar with injections to simulated deltoid, ventrogluteal, posterior upper arm, anterior thigh, posterior thigh and abdominal areas.”

The six interchangeable Practi-Anatomical Templates include: ventrogluteal, deltoid, posterior upper arm, anterior thigh, posterior thigh, and abdominal. The Practi-Anatomical Templates are ideal for laboratory simulation classes, or for individual learner kits.

“Wallcur’s products being included in Individual Learning Kits (or Student Lab Kits) is highly beneficial for increased practice and training beyond the Nursing Skill Lab or Simulation Center,” explained LaGrange. “Schools cannot always provide individual tools for every student so the Student Lab Kits allow students to practice critical hands-on skills with ample supplies for individual lessons. In addition, with the pandemic causing greater need for distance learning, student’s access to individual learning kits and hands-on tools outside of the skills lab is crucial to keep on track with clinical lessons.”

More About Wallcur

Wallcur specializes in healthcare simulation training and education. The company provides simulation solutions designed for nurses, pharmacists, emergency medical technicians, medical corps professionals and other allied health program learners throughout the world.

Founded in 1972 in San Diego, California, Wallcur is a certified small business. The company’s mission has remained to provide ideas and products that both stimulate and simulate clinical learning in a safe nonclinical environment. Today, with continued educator feedback as well as collaborative research and design, Wallcur has upheld the original mission to provide the most up-to-date, realistic, and cost-effective simulated clinical practice available.’

Wallcur is committed to helping learners become the most competent, confident and ready practitioners for today’s healthcare system. Wallcur was born out of a desire to teach future nurses using an innovative approach to learning. Wallcur started with the world-renowned MATH FOR MEDS book, which became the highly successful standard for learning dosages and solutions throughout the United States and Canada.

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