February 24, 2021By Lance Baily

Relaunched HealthySimulation.com Webinar Platform Now Provides RN CEs — 10% Off Until Friday!

After six months of beta development, rigorous testing and video recording of more than 60 zoom presentations with leading colleagues from all around the world, HealthySimulation.com is proud to launch its brand new streamlined clinical simulation Webinar platform! Best of all, HealthySimulation.com was just approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing as a Continuing Education Provider! That’s right — the HealthySimulation.com team is proud to announce that your favorite healthcare simulation resource website can now provide Nursing CE contact hours!

Visit the new Learn.HealthySimulation.com webinar website here now!

“Since COVID-19 has completely changed the game for the global medical simulation industry, we knew that HealthySimulation.com had to work twice as hard this past year to not only increase our article, video, and social media content — but also expand into expert webinars,” shared HealthySimulation.com Founder Lance Baily. He feels the direct dialogue will promote better and more meaningful access to the high quality content simulation experts need to succeed, both in their professional careers and for their programs at large.

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“With the California BRN’s recognition of HealthySimulation.com as a licensed Continuing Education Provider (#17566), we can now further empower our cherished community of clinical simulation champions to meaningfully learn from some of the world’s leading experts,” Lance said. “COVID-19 has put our industry on the map like never before, and with 10 years of dramatic growth behind us, HealthySimulation.com is just getting started!”

The initial webinar platform developed in 2020 was an MVP, or Most Viable Product, designed to test the functionality necessary to be successful at hosting live webinars, storing recorded presentations, and marketing the program around the world. With over 64 webinars already recorded, the participating community has overwhelmingly responded, demanding more! SimGHOSTS Past-President Dr. Scott Crawford, MD, Director of the Training and Educational Center for Healthcare Simulation at Texas Tech University shared that “HealthySimulation.com’s webinar platform brings experts and a global audience together to share simulation concepts and provide educational development opportunities without the costs or current risks of travel because of the pandemic.”

Top Expert Presentations Are Already Instantly Available Now – 24/7! 

As it still looks as though in-person conference participation will be severely limited for the remainder of 2021 in the United States, and through 2022 for many other parts of the world, finding socially-distant ways to learn and share best practices in clinical simulation will remain hard to come by. With over 60 presentations already recorded from some of the globe’s leading experts there is no better time to boost your team’s professional development than now, especially because you can literally start right this minute. Simply visit our new learn.healthysimulation.com webinar platform website, select the individual webinar of choice for your immediate learning needs, or subscribe to get TOTAL ACCESS to every recorded and upcoming webinar available and secure your professional development for a month or year. Save even more when you register 5 team members from the same simulated learning program with an institutional subscription!

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Recorded Webinars for Instant Online Access with CE Include:

  • Making Clinical Simulation Assessable: The Intersection of Scenario Design and Assessment (Paul Phrampus, MD, FSSH FACEP CPPS): This presentation by UPMC’s Medical Director of Patient Safety shares how clinical simulation can and should be utilized for educational and training assessment in healthcare.
  • Creative Ways to Implement Virtual Simulation During a Pandemic (Kellie Bryant, DNP, WHNP, CHSE): This session will identify ways to use virtual learning and screen based simulation to meet the learning outcomes for nursing students.
  • Evaluating Healthcare Simulation in the Days of COVID-19 and Beyond (Kim Leighton, PhD, RN, CHSE, CHSOS, ANEF, FSSH, FAAN): This presentation will focus on evaluation of healthcare simulation outcomes during the time of COVID-19 and what lies beyond.
  • How Many Do Well Often: Clinical Simulation Success From Mundane Situations (Peter Dieckmann, PhD): The webinar will discuss the theoretical foundations of the Learning From Success approach, as well as potentials and limitations for use in clinical simulation.
  • Debriefing Psychologically Stressful Simulations: A Different Perspective (Nicole Harder, PhD, RN): This webinar shares a research study that developed a psychologically safe debriefing framework which helped nursing students and newly graduated nurses to effectively process feelings and emotions following end-of-life simulation-based experiences (SBE).
  • A Simulation Design Framework to Promote Professional Identity Formation (A.J. Kleinheksel PhD, MEd, CHSE-A): This webinar will discuss research done at the Medical College of Georgia to distinguish three categories of simulation scenario design elements, contributing to the promotion of Professional Identity Formation (PIF) in clinical students.
  • Beyond the Checklist: What Healthcare Simulation Can Learn from Aviation Safety and Teamwork (Suzanne Gordon, Senior Policy Analyst, Author): This presentation will explain how the aviation industry transformation from one of the most unsafe industries to the safest, and how healthcare can follow its example.
  • Implementación de Programas de Simulación Distancia para Profesionales de la Salud (Marcia Corvetto, MD): Presentado en Español. Esta presentación cubre cuatro programas basados ​​en simulación en línea desarrollados con la determinación de brindar habilidades clave de cuidados críticos a pacientes críticamente enfermos secundarios a la pandemia de COVID en una plataforma en línea.
  • And dozens more!

Webinars Coming Up in March Include:

  • Creating Online Simulation Using Laerdal’s LLEAP and Zoom (Arielle Cartmill, CHSOS): This webinar will be focused on how to transform an in-person simulation using Laerdal’s LLEAP software into a virtual simulation using Zoom in-order to break through COVID19 training barriers such as limited funding and/or social distancing.
  • Improving Teamwork and Event Management with Virtual and Augmented Reality (Fernando Salvetti, MPhil, PhD): Much like being immersed within a video game, this presentation will challenge participants with real cases within complex scenarios that present a more real wealth of information.
  • How to Get Administrative Buy-In to Hire a Sim Tech (Lance Baily, HealthySimulation.com Founder): This presentation will explain how one Simulation Administrator was able to double staff while little additional costs while improving ROI outcomes!
  • Observation of In-Class Simulation: Can It Develop Nursing Clinical Judgment? (Laura Klenke-Borgmann, PhD, RN, CHSE): This research presentation shares how observation of in-class healthcare simulation and being in the primary nurse role improved clinical judgment skills.

All For One or One For All? New Purchase Options

Use discount code “RELAUNCH21” to secure 10% OFF any single webinar or subscription purchases. Previously, champions could only subscribe to the webinar platform to secure content of need — but now, for those who have a singular mission to quickly get caught up to speed with specific topics, HealthySimulation.com offers single webinar purchases. Get immediate expert feedback on an upcoming webinar or catch up with a single webinar purchase on any previously recorded topic. Or, build up your professional development for the longterm with an annual subscription for ongoing access to the latest expert presentations for either yourself and/or your entire simulation team.

healthcare simulation experts

Clearly, there has never been a time like this before. Simulation champions have an immediate need to connect with global experts and peer colleagues in-order to overcome both COVID19 and aging clinical education standards. A new, ever growing library of live and on-demand content from some of the world’s leading healthcare simulation experts, covering everything necessary to be successful in starting, developing, or expanding your clinical simulation program. These presentations will cover the A-Z of this entire emerging professional field and help every department within your program, no matter their level of experience — from beginner to expert!

Satisfaction Guaranteed! 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

HealthySimulation.com believes strongly in providing you with a meaningful and impactful resource. If you are not satisfied with this webinar for any reason, simply email us requesting a refund within your first 30 days and we’ll refund your money — no questions asked!

Remember, use discount code “RELAUNCH21” to get 10% off any purchase by this Friday at 5PM Pacific!

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