October 16, 2020By Lance Baily

Laerdal Launches 2030 Goal to Help Save 1,000,000 Lives & Supports World Restart a Heart Day with AnnieWhere

Today is World Restart a Heart Day and Laerdal is celebrating with our global healthcare simulation community in major ways, including the recent launch of their Anniewhere online CPR training program as well as the announcement of their One Million Lives Saved vision! The World Restart a Heart Day was started with the support of the European parliament and takes place on the 16th of October every year. The unique campaign was designed to create awareness that everyone can learn CPR and facilitate BLS courses in schools and public locations, which is perfectly aligned with Laerdal Medical’s ongoing “Helping Save Lives” mission!

Joining the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation in celebration of World Restart a Heart Day is the International Federation of Red Cross, Red Crescent Societies, American Heart Association, Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, and many other international non-profit organizations. With over 190 national member societies, the IFRC is uniquely placed to promote and provide life-saving training all across the world and is a valuable partner for the World Restart a Heart initiative.

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Last year on World Restart a Heart Day, CPR training was given to 5.4 million people. But the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way CPR training is delivered. Laerdal is up for the challenge and developed an innovative way to train CPR online with their new Anniewhere platform. Anniewhere allows instructors to continue teaching resuscitation skills to communities anytime, anywhere. Laerdal’s new web solution enables instructors to teach CPR skills remotely and in classrooms. Learners join the classroom through the QCPR Classroom app providing real-time objective feedback to both instructor and learner.

  • Train from the safety of your home: Instructors can train CPR classes in a an entirely virtual setting and in traditional classroom settings
  • Effective and engaging learning: By utilizing gamified learning and real-time objective feedback, Anniewhere improves training quality, learner engagement and classroom efficiency
  • Seamless course setup and flow: Instructors simply create a CPR class while students join via a classroom code on their phones with fully automatic manikin connection
  • Enable mass CPR training with any manikin: Anniewhere can be scaled up for mass CPR events where hundreds of learners can train simultaneuosly using any type of manikin
  • Dashboard for course analytics: Instructors can evaluate their students performance and their own progress via a dashboard to continuously improve courses

Clinical Simulation champions can now sign up for Laerdal Medical’s free plan now and get unlimited number of learners until December 31, 2020!

And this is just a jumping off point for Laerdal’s most recent global campaign goal announcement, to help save millions of lives over the next decade.

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Helping Save One Million Lives a Year by 2030

Laerdal’s ambition is to help save 1 million more lives every year by 2030. The international company’s strategy is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 3, “Good health and well-being”, with emphasis on: Improving survival in the community Quality care in hospital Saving lives at birth in low-resource settings. This is the certainly an audacious goal Laerdal that has established. But we would expect nothing less from one of the world’s leading medical simulation manufacturers.

When Laerdal was established in 1940, the world’s population was just over 2 billion. Today it exceeds 7.5 billion. By 2030 it is projected to reach 8.5 billion – with 5 billion living in Asia and 1.7 billion in Africa. To meet people’s increased expectations with advances in medical care, healthcare expenditure in OECD countries has had to grow at an average rate of 4%, double that of the growth in national income. This is not sustainable. The resources are just not there to meet future demand. New approaches are needed.

There are even severe challenges now in the richest country in the world, the USA. Even though the USA spends 18% of its national income on health care, the maternal mortality rate has more than doubled from 10.3 per 100,000 live births in 1991 to 23.8 in 2014: over 700 deaths per annum, and of these two thirds are preventable. Also, deaths from medical errors in US hospitals are estimated to exceed 250,000 per annum.

Helping save about 5% of the lives lost at birth and due to cardiac arrests and accidents amounts to 800,000 extra lives saved per year. Added to these numbers comes the vision of progress in fields that lie outside SDG3: helping save 100,000 of the millions of lives that are now lost each year because of medical errors in hospital care or through lack of access to safe anaesthesia and surgery in LMICs; and helping save 100,000 lives in other areas where timely interventions are critical, e.g. stroke and sepsis. This brings the total goal up to one million extra lives saved by 2030. Ambitious but achievable.

To maximize the chance of success, Laerdal with its partners will focus on helping to improve the coverage, quality and efficiency, safety, and equity of health care through:

  • Early interventions with high lifesaving potential and lower cost to society
  • Leveraging enabling technologies to improve translation of learning to patient outcome
  • Collaborative initiatives for the scale-up and implementation of developments.

There are four entities to support achievement of the goal: Laerdal Medical with its 1,600 people in 25 countries; the Laerdal Foundation which has funded 2,000 research projects in acute medicine and global health; the not-for-profit company Laerdal Global Health; and the impact investment Millions Lives Fund supporting implementation and scaling of transformative innovations. The total commitment of resources (excluding the Laerdal Foundation) over the next ten years will amount to $500m with an additional $100m in matching funds being sought from other investors. Learn more about Laerdal’s One Million Lives Goal!

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