September 9, 2020By Lance Baily

Teaching Clinical Skills at Home: Medicor Lab Offers Realistic MultiPads for Distance Learning

Healthcare simulation champions looking for distance-based learning tools for teaching core clinical skills should immediately consider the MultiPad1 and MultiPad2 from Medicor Lab. Medical simulation learners prohibited from participating in on campus skills labs or from clinical rotations due COVID-19 quarantines can now safely practice core clinical skills on a highly durable, travel ready, realistic MultiPad — and for an extremely affordable rate! Maintain both social distancing and clinical learning outcomes by considering how Medicor Lab’s MultiPad1 and Multipad2 can support your training efforts today!

Organized in 2016, Medicor Lab is a Canadian manufacturer of innovative medical simulation products based in Quebec which offers various clinical skills task trainers for remote learning / distance learning objectives. With Fire Fighting experience, the company leadership spent years developing the realistic MedicSkin which feels real to the the touch – so much so that its products are used by over 500 healthcare education programs around the world. The company’s mission is to improve medical simulation with innovative technologies to help save more lives.

During the age of COVID-19, the need to train learners under geographical or patient area restrictions is clear. As such, educators can connect with learners remotely over zoom and educate, train, and assess clinical task performance outcomes with the realism and ease of the Multipad trainers. Both MultiPads features hyper-realistic ‘MedicSkin’, which provides realistic, injectable, long-lasting hypoallergenic learning tools which are easily maintainable and reusable.

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With MedicSkin, needle tracks disappear with minimal damage. Liquid injection is possible with skills that have special sponge absorption, or otherwise inject air into the trainer without damaging it. As well, Medicor Lab trainers are ultrasound scannable for ultrasound simulation experiences, ie for ultrasound guided intravenous IV access. They also produce IV arms, injection pads, newborn trainers, and more.

About the MultiPad 1

The MULTIPAD1 is a multipurpose hands-on medical simulation pad designed for clinical students to practice essential skills related to venipuncture, percutaneous injections, wound care, urinary catheterization and nasogastric (NG) insertion in the classroom, in sim labs, at home or anywhere!

MultiPad1 Clinical Skills Trainer

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Unique, hyper realistic, practical and up-to-date solution that allows :

  • Venipuncture landmarking and insertion
  • Percutaneous injections
  • Subcutaneous injection
  • Intramuscular injection
  • Sutures removal*
  • Staple removal*
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Urinary catheter insertion
  • Nasogastric (NG) tube insertion
  • Wound care (linear wound)
  • Deep wound care with tunnelling
  • Tracheostomy care
  • (Latex-free option available upon request)

Marian Luctkar-Flude RN, PhD, CCSNE, member of the Canadian Alliance of Nurse Educators Using Simulation (CAN-Sim) shared that the Multipad1 “is a valuable device for students to practice clinical skills in and outside of the lab setting. Ideal for intermediate to advanced nursing students, we encourage students to purchase the Multipad to help develop mastery of critical skills such as venipuncture, injections and wound care through repetitive practice. This can be used for training, practice, assessment and remediation purposes through multiple years of their undergraduate education. The Multipad is made of high quality and durable material that will withstand the regular use needed as the student progresses through the nursing program.”

About the MultiPad2

The MultiPad II is a versatile tool designed for students to practice key clinical skills related to wound care, suture and staple removal, urinary catheterization and rectal medication administration. The MultiPad2 features two simulated open wounds (including tunnelling), two closed wounds, female perineum with vaginal, urethral and anal orifices. This portable multifunctional device is ideal for use in a variety of settings including at-home deliberate practice to enhance skill mastery.


MultiPad2 enables for practice these clinical skills:

  • Genital Hygiene
  • Simulation of urinary catheter insertion
  • Rectal medication insertion
  • Suture removal*
  • Staple removal*
  • Linear wound care
  • Sinus wound care (pressure injury) for packing or wicking.
  • Contains 4 sinuses (Tunneling)

Jane Tyerman RN, PhD, CCSNE from the Canadian Alliance of Nurse Educators Using Simulation (CAN-Sim), shared that “There is nothing else currently available that is as versatile as the Multipad 2! Great for novice to senior nursing students, this realistic multiuse task trainer is ideal for training, practice, assessment and remediation of key clinical skills. Ideal for both online and face-to-face learning, the Multipad 2 provides important opportunities for repetitive practice. It is also a valuable resource to support students when they are preparing for skills testing such as sterile technique (wound care, urinary catheterization) or simply for mastery of clinical skills. The Multipad 2 can withstand the frequent use needed as student progress through the nursing program. “

Learn More About the MultiPads on Medicor Lab’s Website Today!

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