December 26, 2012By Lance Baily

Clinical Simulation Educator Certificate Program

Bryan Health offers our community a certificate program for clinical facilitators of medical simulation.  Bryan Health’s website suggests that their graduate level certificarte program is the answer for faculty seeking to become better facilitators of high-fidelity simulation.

Certificate in medical simulation

This course is taught by faculty who include educators who have served on the INACSL board of directors! Their website continues to explains…

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“Simulation as a Teaching Strategy

Simulation is a time-honored strategy in healthcare education and has been utilized for decades to help learners apply skills and knowledge learned in the classroom. The addition of patient simulation allows educators an opportunity to provide hands-on application of learning in a safe, non-threatening environment without risk to human patients. Simulated clinical experiences are designed to help learners manage a variety of patient care situations that they might not otherwise encounter in the traditional clinical environment. Using state-of-the-art, high-fidelity patient simulators, the faculty at Bryan College of Health Sciences have become leaders in the use of this teaching and learning strategy.

While the use of high-fidelity patient simulation grows exponentially in healthcare education and practice environments, faculty continue to have a need to enhance their experience and expertise in using this teaching strategy. Bryan College of Health Sciences proudly offers a graduate level Certificate in Simulation Education with academic credit earned. This certificate program features online educational strategies and the opportunity for practicum experience with practical value.

This certificate program (three courses, nine credit hours) offers:

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  • Online educational strategies
  • Program outcomes that contribute to the body of knowledge for patient simulation
  • A 10-week format that avoids the busiest times in academic schedules
  • Courses appropriate for academic and staff educators

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, visit their website and call Dr. Barbara Sittner 1-800-742-7844, ext. 18846 or e-mail Barbara Sittner.

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