April 1, 2020By Lance Baily

Overcoming Campus Disruptions, Over 50 Institutions Now Using Free Access to OMS Distance Simulation Platform

Faced with the COVID-19 outbreak, schools, colleges and universities all across the world have cancelled all face to face classes, as well as countless in-person medical simulation activities. Exams are being postponed and educators are struggling to quickly transition learning resources online due to the Coronavirus. However, perhaps the most difficult of these challenges is the sudden inability to meet clinical requirements. In response, on March 16th Oxford Medical Simulation offered free access to its OMS Distance Simulation platform to healthcare institutions across the US, Canada and the UK*. Here we take a look at the platform which has already helped 50 healthcare institutions get back on track after these massive campus disruptions, and share how you gain immediate access too.

The Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) team appreciates how hard it is to deliver healthcare simulation and clinical education at the best of times, let alone during a crisis. As clinical simulation educators, the team at OMS have experienced the chaos caused by last-minute clinical cancellations and the need to rapidly deliver simulation to fill the gap. And now, this same phenomenon is now happening on a global scale, and Oxford Medical Simulation wants to help.

Jack Pottle, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of OMS shared “We are simulation people, educators and folks who ultimately care about patient lives. This is a chance to train nurses and doctors when they need it most… this is exactly why we got into this in the first place!”

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The Oxford Medical Simulation Distance Simulation Program

The OMS virtual simulation platform runs both in immersive virtual reality (using a VR headset) and as a screen-based simulation using the learner’s own PC or laptop (where no VR equipment required). It is, in fact, one platform delivered in two unique ways.

Scenarios are just as dynamic and interactive whether in VR or on screen. Where VR offers immersion, on screen access provides immediate scale and simplicity during social distancing. There is then the ability to switch to fully immersive VR as required.

OMS has hundreds of cases across medicine and nursing, dynamic scenarios, fully-automated feedback and debriefing tools, embedded blended learning resources and simple methods of integrating with curriculum requirements. All of this is now being offered for free, with no ongoing commitment, until May 31, 2020.

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Uptake of OMS Distance During COVID-19

Since May 16, over 50 institutions – with over 17,000 learners between them – have signed up. Many have started utilizing the platform already and many more will start over the coming days. This is being done across all levels of medicine and nursing and for many different use cases:

  • Nursing programs (BSN and NP), unable to deliver clinical placements
  • Medical programs (DO and MD), fast-tracking their learners for clinical practice
  • Hospitals, upskilling clinicians moving between departments
  • Health systems, rapidly bringing in new nurses and retraining clinicians returning to practice

Implementing and Integrating Online Simulation

Organizations are using OMS Distance in many different ways. Many are providing it to learners at home. This may be either for just-in-time simulation for those returning to practice, or in schools and colleges by allocating learners to specific scenarios at different times to align with curriculum requirements. Educators can then asynchronously debrief over a video conference, using the automated performance feedback and the learner’s case reflection as a springboard for debriefing.

Others are using OMS Distance for group learning – having learners go through the same scenario at the same time, then group debriefing and case teaching over a video conference. This allows for more team discussion of cases, and the ability to review labs, imaging and EKGs as a class.

Others are limiting what they expect the learners to do in a scenario – asking them to only perform the history and physical exam from the clinical scenarios, using this as a clinical experience structured with more junior learners in mind. Ultimately, there is no ‘correct’ way of using the OMS system, which makes the platform versatile enough to fit around any program’s goals.

Oxford Medical Simulation is Here to Help During the COVID-19 Crisis

OMS works with institutions to help them solve their problems and fulfill their goals – whatever they may be – by providing clinical experiences on demand. Ultimately, they are here to help. Their educational specialists and support team are working around the clock to provide educators with all the assistance you need through this time.

The scale of the task for healthcare and healthcare education is enormous, and Oxford Medical Simulation’s team has shared that they believe it is an absolute honor to be able to support clinicians and educators through this time of uncertainty. Gain free access to OMS Distance Simulation here!

*Outside the US, UK or Canada? Email info@oxfordmedicalsimulation.com and let them know of your interest from this HealthySimulation.com article!

More About Oxford Medical Simulation

Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) is a virtual reality platform that delivers quality, evidence-based and highly realistic simulation. The platform, headquartered in Boston, Mass., assists in efficiently and effectively training healthcare professionals in world-class patient management practices to improve patient care, and without the possibility of risking real human lives. Those interested in VR Nursing and VR IPE training opportunities should learn more!

OMS Interprofessional is the multiplayer VR simulation platform from Oxford Medical Simulation. OMS Interprofessional allows multiple learners to be in the same virtual reality scenario at one time – whether they are in the same room or different countries.

The focus in OMS Interprofessional is on teamwork, communication, critical thinking and clinical reasoning – providing clinical experiences where learners apply their knowledge as a team, just like in real life, to improve patient care.

OMS Nursing is a realistic VR nursing simulation solution from Oxford Medical Simulation. OMS Nursing delivers quality, standardized simulation scenarios, feedback and blended learning on one intuitive platform. With libraries of scenarios for nursing students, Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, OMS Nursing supports all groups of learners at any stage of their career.

OMS Medical can also be used with or without faculty, supporting group or individual learning to improve confidence and competence. The standalone system is simple to set up, intuitive to use and makes minimal demands on a facility or organization’s simulation resources. Complete portability facilitates use across multiple sites to ensure learners can do simulation whenever they need with the service.

Then, the OMS data and analytics dashboards allow faculty to ensure learner engagement, assess skill improvement and identify specific learning needs. With this learner management system and customizable blended learning, educators can facilitate curriculum integration across medical specialties.

Gain Access Today On This Special OMS Distance Simulation COVID-19 Page!

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