August 3, 2012By Lance Baily

World's Largest Sim Tech Specific Gathering!

Sim Tech Meeting

Today over 150 Sim Techs from around the world have come to the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas to partake in three days of hands-on training at the 2nd annual Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (GHOSTS).

Even though the ticket pool doubled in size from last year’s GOT SIM, registrations for the event had sold out by mid-July with a long waiting list for the August event.

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Today’s opening ceremonies began with the announcement from Board members Lance Baily, Kam McCowan and John Cordova about the work already accomplished this year with the support from founding sponsors B-Line Medical and Pocket Nurse formation of the new non-profit organization ®.

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A new non-profit organizationThe Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists” has been formed and is currently applying for tax-exempt status while the new website SimGhosts.Org has already subscribed over 450 Sim Techs from around the world who are sharing ideas and answers via email list-serv.  B-Line representative Sandy Yin said the company was thrilled to support the Sim Tech community who are the “backbone of medical simulation”.

Deborah Coltrane from Pocket Nurse ® went on to explain their sponsorship was to help support the continued development of this wonderful new community.  Deborah was also excited to announce a new annual $3,000 Scholarship fund to be provided by Pocket Nurse to the GHOSTS board to help Sim Techs attend the new meeting.

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CAE Healthcare not only sponsored last night’s “Meet Your GHOSTS” party at downtown Las Vegas video-game bar Insert Coins but also the keynote presentation by Aviation Simulation Technician and Manager Dorsey Kemp from CAE Aviation’s C-130 training program.  Dorsey’s presentation covered topics including skills, tasks and knowledge requirements of an Aviation Technician as well as salary ranges and job training requirements.  This presentation was overwhelmingly appreciated by the the healthcare simulation technology specialists attending GHOSTS to learn from an industry that truly respects the power of simulation.

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Yesterday during the pre-conference training events, Sim Techs got bloody with a comprehensive trauma moulage course from Bobbie Merica of or beginning Manikin sessions from vendors Laerdal, Gaumard and CAE Healthcare.

Check out SimGhosts.Org for all the action!

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