February 11, 2020By Lance Baily

Bionic Hybrid Simulator from Cardionics Enables Auscultation Training on Low-Fi Manikins and Standardized Patients

Cardionics was on full display at the 3B Scientific booth at IMSH 2020 where HealthySimulation.com had the opportunity to record a demonstration of their latest auscultation simulator products for you here. Providing clinical systems, learning systems, and telehealth systems, Cardionics represents continued innovation in the medical simulation industry for the topic of auscultation training. Today we take a closer look at their Student Auscultation Manikin (SAM 3G) and their most recent product innovation: the Bionic Hybrid Simulator (BHS) — which enables for Auscultation simulation on both Low-Fidelty Manikins and Standardized Patients!

Bionic Hybrid Simulator Provides New Ways to Educate Auscultation

The Bionic Hybrid Simulator (BHS) is an innovative approach to provide healthcare education with a complete solution to assessment in clinical simulation. Developed in conjunction with the Multidisciplinary Simulation Center at Mayo Clinic, the Bionic Hybrid Simulator allows students to perform a complete physical assessment, while retaining the human-to-human interaction necessary for realistic, engaging education.

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What we at HealthySimulation.com love about the Bionic Hybrid Simulator is that with just the quick addition of a “shirt” to your low fidelity patient simulator or standardized patient, healthcare simulation champions can quickly and powerfully increase the realism of their simulation scenarios! Instead of having instructions break the “fourth wall” of the simulated experience to share vital signs, now learners can engage directly with the manikin or simulated patient and experience the realistic vitals directly for themselves. This improves learner confidence and improves clinical skills.

With EKG, pulse points, and auscultation of the heart, lungs, and bowels, the Bionic Hybrid Simulator provides the most capabilities for Standardized Patient simulation. Instructors can control a host of normal and abnormal conditions from these parameters in real-time. The BHS allows students to interact with a live patient while assessing signs and symptoms independently.

Important to note is that the instructor control software is extremely easy-to-use, providing full customization of the patient presentation with the swipe of a finger over wifi connection. Visit the Cardionics website to learn more about the Bionic Hybrid Simulator with features that include:

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  • Simulation of heart, breath, and bowel sounds
  • Bilateral carotid and radial artery pulses
  • 5-wire EKG connection
  • Blood pressure cuff accessory (coming soon)
  • Simulates multiple physiological conditions
  • Real time diagnostics and treatment capabilities
  • Cardionics SimScope
  • Wifi and tablet included with system
  • Wearable technology which can be used on live patients or manikins
  • Earbuds with built-in voice prompts for communication with SP

The Student Auscultation Manikin 3G Provides Cutting Edge Realism

The SAM 3G, aka the Student Auscultation Manikin 3rd Generation, is the perfect manikin for educating, training, and assessing for clinical auscultation skills. Designed with both student and instructor in mind, SAM 3G offers one of the largest libraries of physiological sounds and the most intuitive tools for teaching auscultation. Providing extremely clear and accurate sounds, SAM 3G contains over 100 normal and abnormal cardiac, respiratory, bowel, and bruit sounds. Best of all — learners can use their own stethescopes for even more realistic simulation in healthcare!

SAM 3G also includes access to the Cardionics “Real Sounds Library”, a collection of 24 real heart and lung sounds recorded from live patients. With built-in speakers, students can auscultate using their own stethoscope — without the noise disturbance from interior mechanics. And good news here for Sim Techs; weighing under 20 pounds, SAM 3G is highly portable! Instructors are able to incorporate SAM 3G in the simulation center, classroom, or auditorium, depending on the format of the training. SAM is constantly on the go, which is a crucial feature for ensuring students spend adequate time practicing their auscultation skills.

SAM 3G comes with 24 case videos, 12 echocardiogram videos, and EKG waveforms of every sound. Combined with lesson guides and phonocardiograms for each sound or condition, students will have access to everything they need to master their auscultation skills. Visit the Cardionics website to learn more about the SAM 3G features which include:

  • 24 simulated case videos
  • Real Sounds Library
  • 12 echocardiogram videos
  • ECG waveforms for heart sounds
  • New and easily navigable software program
  • Brand new manikin look Light and dark skin versions available
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Students use their own stethoscope
  • Large library of heart, lung, bowel, and bruit sounds
  • Carotid pulse
  • Phonocardiogram
  • Smart classroom/auditorium ready
  • Lesson guides for each condition
  • Complimentary 1-year SAM Online license

More About Cardionics

Cardionics sets the pace for auscultation products and services with its unique, interactive, and experiential systems that integrate seamlessly into classroom, clinical, and telehealth applications. Today and into the future, Cardionics’ approach continues to set the pace for auscultation products and services through the development of unique, interactive, and experiential systems that integrate seamlessly into classroom, clinical, and telehealth applications. Caridonics was acquired by 3B Scientific in 2019.

Learn more about BHS & SAM 3G on the Cardionics Website!

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