July 10, 2019By Lance Baily

Simulare Medical Offers Unique Cleft & Rhinoplasty Surgical Simulators

*Update 11/19/2020: In November 2020, Smile Train, the world’s largest cleft organization, announced the acquisition of Simulare Medical operations. Simulare offers the training tools able to strengthen Smile Train’s ability to provide company partners across the globe with the highest-quality surgical training efficiently and cost-effectively. Smile Train will incorporate the simulators into the company’s portfolio of training programs around the world, making cleft surgery both safer and less costly.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to train local medical professionals and ensure every cleft patient has the safest, highest quality cleft treatment, assuming control of Simulare Medical’s cleft program was a natural fit for Smile Train,” said Smile Train President and CEO Susannah Schaefer. “Training tools like those offered by Simulare are critical to Smile Train and taking on its operation will allow us to provide our partners with the highest-quality surgical training in a more efficient and cost-effective way, no matter where they are located. We are confident that this will support our continued leadership in cleft lip and palate treatment and to help as many children with cleft as possible.”

Cleft lip, cleft palate, and rhinoplasty surgeries require unique skillsets which professionals have pereviously trained for without the benefit of specialized surgical simulators. No more! Simulare Medical offers specialized surgery simulators, as well as training workshops, to help healthcare professionals around the world better train for cleft and rhinoplasty surgeries. Simulare’s rhinoplasty training program is not part of the Smile Train acquisition and still being run by Len Wechsler, CA, CPA, and his team.

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Simulare Cleft Palate Simulator

The Cleft Palate Simulator was developed and validated by top pediatric surgeons at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, and is designed to accelerate the learning curve for this challenging procedure. This surgery simulator allows trainee surgeons to practice and perfect a precise cleft palate repair within the confines of an anatomically-correct, pediatric oral cavity. Its highly-detailed muscular, boney and soft tissue anatomy permit remarkably true to life incisions, dissections and suturing.

In numerous trials, studies and workshops around the world, Simulare’s Cleft Palate Simulator has earned high praise for providing trainees with a more in-depth learning experience. The Cleft Palate Simulator is available as a stand-alone unit or configured as part of a comprehensive training kit. Cleft Palate Simulator key advantages include:

  • Complete surface anatomy
  • Complete muscular anatomy
  • Life-size and anatomically accurate
  • Proficiency gained safely without patient compromise
  • Trainees perform critical start to finish steps using real surgical instruments
  • Allows trainee and teacher to examine details at each step
  • Enables technical proficiency during dissection within a confined oral cavity
  • Dissection and repair provide real-time feedback

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Simulare Rhinoplasty Simulator

This remarkably high-fidelity simulator allows performance of a comprehensive end-to-end rhinoplasty procedure complete with multi-layered tissue structures, realistic tissue manipulation and incising with life-like dissection planes. There are cartridges available for four different nasal deformities: dorsal hump/deviated septum, pinched nose, crooked nose/post traumatic and ptotic tip, with many more to come. The Rhinoplasty Simulator key advantages include:

  • Complete end-to-end rhinoplasty procedure
  • Multiple approaches including endonasal and external
  • Complete nasal anatomy including upper lateral, lower lateral, accessory and septal cartilage
  • Multi-layered tissue including skin, subcutaneous tissue and mucoperichondrium with realistic dissection planes
  • Allows performance of multiple nasal deformity procedcures (dorsal hump/deviated septum, pinched nose, crooked nose/post traumatic, ptotic tip)
  • Enables technical proficiency during dissection within a confined nasal vault
  • Dissection and repair provide real-time feedback

About Simulcare Medical

Lead by CEO Len Wechsler, CA, CPA, Simulare Medical has recognized the global need for more effective surgical training tools and methods in both developed and developing countries. To address this need, Simulare develops and integrates innovative medical training programs with anatomically-accurate medical simulators to help trainee surgeons learn and perfect complex procedures in a safe environment. With their dedication to excellence, their collaboration with leading surgeons and medical education organizations in more than 20 countries, and their growing suite of training programs and surgery simulators, Simulare’s goal is to be the global leader in enhancing surgical skills education outside of the operating room.

Simulare Medical Corp. also addresses the global need for new, innovative surgical training methods and skills development by collaborating with educational partners around the globe.  Simulare’s Turnkey Workshop Service is a customized, end-to-end solution designed to help medical educators and product manufacturers conduct outstanding training events and product demonstrations more easily and cost-effectively.

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