April 30, 2019By Lance Baily

LAPSIM essence From Surgical Science Provides Affordable Surgery Simulation | IMSH 2019 Video Demo

Those surgical simulation programs looking for affordable surgical simulators in the domain of laparoscopic surgery should watch HealthySim’s exclusive video demonstration from IMSH 2019 on the LAPSIM essence from Surgical Science. Utilizing all-new high-fidelity tracking technology in an easy to carry laptop, the LAPSIM essence includes ergonomic and non-haptic instrument including handles and foot pedals for electrosurgical coagulation, suction and irrigation. For high-fidelity training on the go at affordable pricing, the LAPSIM essence provides a unique surgery simulation opportunity!

LAPSIM essence gives students everywhere the opportunity to improve their psychomotor performance through standardized and measurable training, provided only by virtual reality simulators. And proficiency is evaluated against predefined parameters with objective grading and simple course management.

Watch our video demonstration below to learn more!

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The Benefits of training with essence include:

  • Proficiency evaluated against predefined parameters
  • Objective grading and simple course management
  • Minimal teacher supervision with video tutorials Personal user accounts logging performance

With LAPSIM essence it is now easier than ever to get affordable validated VR laparoscopic simulator training. You can choose between convenient online subscription, where you will stay updated automatically with the latest software and have a worry-free usage, as an “all hardware replacement” guarantee is included, or make a direct purchase of LAPSIM essence and add the automatic software updates and hardware guarantee for an annual fee.

LAPSIM essence is offered as a subscription service providing for: no capital expenditures, fixed monthly fee, no startup costs, and automatic software updates with 100% hardware replacement guarantee included.

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Looking for More? LAPSIM Haptic System Provides High Fidelity Surgical Simulation

Those without budget constraints or with higher fidelity needs should check out the flagship LAPSIM Haptic Surgical Simulation system. The advanced force feedback technology combined with the powerful graphics and cognitive instruction of the LapSim gives an immersive, multi-sensory training experience. The technology is placed on an ergonomically designed platform, with the possibility of using a 3D screen, and allows navigation on two touch screens and features the latest in tactile feedback technology.

The LapSim suite of validated, fully customizable procedure modules provides a complete training solution for surgeons across multiple disciplines. With clearly defined learning objectives, procedural deconstruction capabilities, variations, and challenges. The LapSim library of software modules provide surgeons with access to skill practice essential to building surgical proficiency.

About Surgical Science

“Training without putting patients at risk”. This is why Surgical Science exists – to give surgeons an excellent platform to train the fundamental technical skills of keyhole surgery before entering the operation room. For 20 years, Surgical Science has been committed to providing state-of-the-art medical training simulators that focus on ease of use and validation. The simple idea is to learn the practical techniques of instrument handling in a realistic but safe environment so that you can pay 100% attention to the patient when you begin your practice.

Dr. Hyltander and his co-founders built Surgical Science with a clear vision – to benefit patients and the medical community by bringing a comprehensive, rigorous, and dynamic instructional system to surgical trainees. With a legacy rooted in surgical medicine and technology development, Surgical Science is helping medical professionals around the world train faster, safer, and more efficiently. Today, one of the original software engineer founders Anders Larsson, continue his work with Surgical Science as the company’s CTO, driving the technology forward.

Learn more about the essence on the Surgical Science Website Today!

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