March 12, 2019By Lance Baily

CAE Luna Infant Simulator – Exclusive IMSH 2019 Video Demo & Bonus Dr. Patel Healthcare Academy Interview was on hand at the 2019 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare, organized by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, to witness the first look at Luna from CAE Healthcare, the latest infant simulator for medical simulation. With a multitude of features, the new baby simulator provides a significant evolution of innovation from previous products by CAE (being their first wireless neonate manikin), all of which are covered in this short video demonstration produced by’s team! Watch the video to learn more about precious Luna today, along with a special bonus interview with with Dr. Amar Patel, Chief Learning Officer for CAE Healthcare about the latest news from their Healthcare Academy!

CAE Healthcare’s first tetherless and completely wireless infant simulator, CAE Luna, is perfect for in-situ, team-based simulation training. This scalable baby simulator comes in three patient configurations to offer a wide range of options in neonatal training. Remarkably lightweight and realistic, CAE Luna represents an infant from newborn status to 28 days after delivery — a period when they are at their most vulnerable and susceptible to extreme health crises — allowing for high-level practice in crucial healthcare for babies.

From ventilation and intubation to post-resuscitation stabilization of a neonate, CAE Luna effectively facilitates progressive clinical skills development while satisfying requirements for Infant Nursing Skills, Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP).

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Some of Luna’s Features Include:

  • Features below available depending on three configurations (Base, Live, Advanced)
  • Realistically represents a baby from newborn status to 28 days post-delivery
  • Easily converts from female to male
  • Capably supports laryngospasm management
  • Can be configured for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), pneumothorax, and poor perfusion
  • Pre-made tracheostomy site
  • Peripheral arterial Line placement
  • Subclavian catheter placement
  • Incorporates advanced CAE technology (StethoSym, SymDefib)
  • And more!

CAE Luna provides learners with realist practice in the most crucial aspects of infant healthcare while satisfying essential requirements for Infant Nursing Skills, Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP).

More information will be available soon about the three configurations of CAE Luna, so stay tuned through the link below!

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Interview with Dr. Amar Patel, Chief Learning Officer for CAE Healthcare

Also during the event, our team had an opportunity to interview Dr. Amar Patel, Chief Learning Officer at CAE Healthcare, to learn more about his new role with the company, and to hear more about some of the new products and services launched at IMSH 2019, and through their Healthcare Academy. Did you know that CAE Healthcare can help staff your simulation center, develop policies and procedures, curriculum development, financial modeling, marketing analysis and more? Watch this video to learn just a little bit more about those unique business partner opportunities from CAE Healthcare!

CAE Healthcare believe in peer-to-peer consultation and support through their education and training division, the CAE Healthcare Academy. This special program is comprised of experienced clinicians and faculty who are also experts in simulation. Every member of the Academy is dedicated to helping healthcare programs apply simulation successfully within their learning or professional environment. An international team of simulation, clinical, and education experts, the CAE Healthcare Academy brings us the knowledge and expertise to help meet simulation center goals!

Learn More About CAE Luna on her New Webpage!

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