November 30, 2018By Lance Baily

XVR Simulation Provides Incident Command Training to Emergency Teams Around the World

XVR Simulation is among the world’s leading developers of incident command simulation technology with over 200 educators in 32 countries worldwide already using their platform to train over 100,000 incident responders every year. XVR’s main user groups are schools & training centers in the fire & rescue services, police and ambulance services. Based out of the Netherlands, XVR Simulation develops digital training environments and incident command training software to help emergency services better themselves at managing incidents.

The XVR Platform provides a controllable and measurable environment that lets you train and exercise whenever you want, to improve your emergency preparedness. The flexibility of the XVR Platform allows you to create any scenario you want, scalable and localized to your own situation.

Because of the flexibility, you have a great number of didactical options (teach, train and assess), and scalability options (self-led to multi-agency training). Collaborating with our worldwide XVR Community provides our users with a vast amount of knowledge, best practices and scenarios. Work together with users from your own region to share localized scenarios, or acquire new didactical inspiration from another continent.

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The XVR Platform provides users with essential scenario training. Trainees are immersed in a safe and controllable situation, which is easily repeatable and measurable, giving them much needed confidence in handling crisis situations. By decreasing the amount of live trainings and replacing table top exercises, simulation will not only significantly reduce training costs but also consequently increases the output of your training course. The XVR instructor is in full control of the learning experience. From defining the learning objectives all the way through to the timing of injects during a session. The instructor has the flexibility of XVR working for him to achieve the best outcome.

XVR Platform Covers Scene, Media, and Resource Management

XVR On Scene: The XVR On Scene module is perfect to train operational and tactical level (bronze and silver) emergency responders. XVR On Scene provides the trainee with an interactive and immersive 3D view of the incident scenario. The scenario is completely adaptable to your local situation.

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XVR Crisis Management: Crisis Media you can train how to manage and monitor communication from both public and internal media sources in a crisis situation. Participants can vary from incident commanders to crisis teams and will be faced with a flow of information and communication injects through the simulation of actual media.

XVR Resource Management: Expand your setup with XVR Resource Management to train incident management and response resources in your own region. This module simulates the management of any large-scale incident using the actual amount of resources available, enabling you to practice the logistical aspect of contingency plans across the entire emergency services chain.

XVR Simulation develops training software for safety and security professionals. Our product platform is a flexible, user friendly and cost effective solution to boost your training curriculum. Learn why on of their clients uses XVR with great success:

“Training with XVR allows us in Lincolnshire to create real life scenarios making it easier to train lots of people, whilst reducing the costs and maximizing our resources. XVR is easier to transport around our large county, its simple to set up and you can work through numerous scenarios in a condensed period of time.

With XVR you can train and develop more people at the same time because of the ease of set up. Moreover rather than just having to use our training site, because XVR can be mobile we can travel the county taking the training or assessments to our staff, our training site is a large area that naturally can’t be lifted so to be mobile is ideal. We find that working with XVR gives personnel the ability to immerse themselves in a scenario, whether it be for training or an assessment.

Candidates are able to look around the scene of the incident, deploy resources and equipment, assess the situation and review what actions they have already put into place, rather than trying to imagine a situation in your head or from a piece of paper. XVR allows us to build real scenarios or replicate incidents we have had within service, using exact buildings, local risks, real road names and such like. This really helps the candidate with immersion, being familiar with a building and enabling them to assess the situation they are presented with.” Thomas Patrick, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service Station Manager

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