November 27, 2018By Lance Baily

TraumaFX UK Provides Cutting Edge Moulage Products and Live Actor Training Services

Today we take a look at Europe’s leading Moulage company TraumaFX UK! Trauma FX are the UK’€™s leading provider of professional casualty simulation services, supporting a variety of training providers in the delivery of realism within training. Going beyond product innovations, the team also provides amputee Standardized Patient actors for MCI drills to military and Emergency First Responders. Their teams support events both within the UK and aboard to deliver services and products as far afield as Hong Kong. They pride themselves in being industry leaders in all aspects of active simulation including the skills of their industry recognized make-up artists, role play casualty actors including Trauma Casualty Amputees (TCA), as well as expert casualty simulation training courses and a variety of goods, services and products including SimWounds and SimBodies.

Trauma FX’€™s background began assisting the UK military over 10 years ago, by supporting and developing simulation within the Armed Forces particularly within the Defense Medical Services. Their experiences in supporting this requirement has given their team an extensive knowledge of trauma within the battlefield. The demand for their services has become much more widespread now that they support a range of organizations such as Ebola training for UK Army Medics. They can cater to any requirement, scale to simulation needs of an individual trainer to supporting large scale training events providing:

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  • Training Courses: Need to deliver innovative, realistic and convincing simulated injuries? Find out more about their Casualty Simulation Skills Training Courses.
  • Makeup Services: Trauma FX offer impressive simulation wound effects while retaining clinical accuracy, resulting in credible and believable simulated injuries.
  • Acting Services: Their actors will impressively and appropriately use their skills, experiences and simulated injuries to mimic the emotions and actions of a casualty.
  • Simulation Kits: TraumaFX UK hand select compatible and essential product ranges to create complete makeup kits, suitable for creating simple and realistic simulated injuries.
  • SimEssentials: Follow their social media where they recognize and showcase their most outstanding and casualty simulation products. Weekly features, offers and product tutorials.
  • SimSleeves: Need a practical, reusable and realistic wound effect? Look no further than their SimSleeve range, offering a complete solution to wound simulation; SimSleeves are a robust and realistic casualty simulation effect.
  • Training Adjuncts: Trauma FX task training aids are created for multiple and varied uses, as both wearables and procedure focused training tools.
  • SimBodies: Created by Trauma FX, these adult, child and baby SimBodies are unique medical training manikins created from the human body, they are extremely lifelike, anatomically correct and affordable
  • SimSuits & SimPants: Their realistic wearable simulation garments feature large scale wounds and inbuilt packable injuries with integrated hemorrhaging tubes.

Prometheus Medical a leading supplier of pre-hospital emergency equipment and high-quality medical training, is the official world distributor for Trauma FX and SIMBODIES. Prometheus Medical has a specialist team that develops and supplies state-of-the-art medical equipment in the pre-hospital care environment. The company is built upon a foundation of medical expertise, providing medical training for a wide audience, including UK emergency services and other organizations. Training is delivered by currently practicing, highly-experienced doctors, paramedics and nurses, in realistic training environments and scenarios.

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More About the Severe Burn SimSuit

Sim Burn Suit

SIMSUITS are a unique casualty simulation aid, enabling significant burns to be simulated on the chest and back and covering a significant surface area. Suitable for use on standardized patient actors, SIMBODIES and manikin patient simulators. Quick simulation effect, comfortable, wearable and easy to put on, made with reinforced Silicone and pre-set with simulated circumferential 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Washable and Reusable. Male, Size Medium, back velcro fastening.

Learn more about TraumaFX UK’s Moulage Products & Services Today!

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