October 12, 2018By Lance Baily

MedicFX Moulage Faces & More Add Realism To Existing Medical Simulators

MEDICFX was created by Special Effects makeup artists who saw the need for creating the most realistic casualty simulation and moulage appliances. This need came from experiencing unconvincing simulations for Medics, First Responders, Accident and emergency departments and in-house training in Hospitals. The team decided that they would create realistic, affordable and durable simulation appliances to help trainees focus on the scenario; without having to use their imagination too much. Their FX Studio also has artists from all over New Zealand to assist with simulation experiences.

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Big Clint Fat Neck Model (Shown in the Featured Image)

Big Clint is a truck driver from Hokatika. He was driving around with a huge tumour in his neck. The other day he collapsed on his way home. Bystanders found out Clint has trouble breathing, suspected there was a blockage of the airway and called 911. Big Clint was raced to the hospital for emergency surgery to his neck. Full silicon practice model for Aneasthesy.

The blue plastic trachea tube is replaceable and the neck can be glued back close after the practice round or be replaced. Included is: 500 gram fatty tissue to fill the neck cavity, 5 extra neck replacement skins, 10 pieces of fascia membrane, 1 silicon repair gun, and optional is a large neck tumour with connection to bloodpump.

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Preemie Patrick Surgical Model

Preemie Patrick is an operable premature baby, gestation around 24 weeks. He has all major organs and can be operated and sutured. Preemie Patrick is made with soft silicon that feels like real skin. He can be intubated as his lunges can inflate and he can be ordered with different operable issues. After use the belly skin can be glued back together or replaced. All the organs can be replaced when damaged. Bloodlines can be inserted where needed. Preemie Patrick can be modified to fit specific scenarios.

MedicFx has numerous casualty simulation devices available for hire or purchase. These devices take away the need for make up application and are anatomically correct making them perfect for casualty simulation competitions. Their devices have been used by the NZ Army, St Johns, First Responders and other training groups.

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