July 6, 2018By Lance Baily

UbiSim Creates Entire VR Training Center for Nurses

The number of VR applications available for nursing simulation programs continues to expand almost monthly! Considering the ease of use and the affordability of VR systems to replicate an infinite number of environments and clinical simulation scenarios, its no wonder why! HealthySim has just learned of UbiSim, which promises to provide high quality learning opportunities for educating and training nurses. UbiSim runs on a simple laptop and a consumer-friendly VR headset so those with the correct hardware can already get started by downloading the software today. UbiSim is a Swiss-based company dedicated to creating interactive training for nursing students using the new possibilities of Virtual Reality (VR).

UbiSim provides access to a complete virtual training center with realistic environments, patients and medical equipment where everything in the training center is completely interactive – just use your hands. Their growing number of training modules ranges from clinical evaluation, medical dosage to blood transfusion and they let us know a lot more are on the way.

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To ensure the strongest accuracy, their scenarios are built in partnership with top nursing institutions and nursing experts to make sure they are completely accurate. They’ve suggested that early studies ran with their partners showed that more than 95% of students felt better prepared to perform a procedure after using UbiSim. In other words during these VR simulation experiences, students are totally engaged, maximizing learning, transfer and retention.

UbiSim comes loaded with existing scenarios and are constantly creating new scenarios for their clients. Check out UbiSim in action above (although the video is in French).

Visit the UbiSim Website Today to Learn More!

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