March 12, 2018By Lance Baily

INACSL Standards of Best Practice Infographic: Debriefing

Check out the fourth of seven awesome new infographics produced by INACSL to demonstrate the key points of their recently updated Standards of Best Practice: Simulation. This fourth INACSL standard focuses on debriefing suggesting “All simulation-based experiences include a planned debriefing session aimed at improving future performance.” The last INACSL infographic we shared was on Facilitation.  Check out the links below to get high-resolution versions that you can print out for your simulation in healthcare programs! Publication of the 2016 INACSL Standards of Best Practice: Simulation was made possible by an educational grant from CAE Healthcare.

INACSL Simulation Debriefing Standard

INACSL Debriefing Standard Background

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Learning is dependent on the integration of experience and reflection. The evidence is clear that essential learning occurs in the debriefing phase of the simulation-based experience.Reflection is the conscious consideration of the meaning and implication of an action, which includes the assimilation of knowledge, skills, and attitudes with pre-existing knowledge. Reflection can lead to new interpretations by the participants; cognitive reframing is essential to learning. The skills of the debriefer are important to ensure the best possible learning outcomes.

Integration of the debriefing process into simulation-based experiences enhances learning and heightens participant self-awareness and self-efficacy. Debriefing promotes understanding and supports transfer of knowledge, skills, and attitudes with a focus on best practices to promote safe, quality patient care, and development of the participant’s professional role.

Potential consequences of not following this standard can lead to unsuccessful debriefing sessions (e.g., deficiency in attainment of learning outcomes or behavior change) and creating a potentially uncomfortable experience for the participant.

Criteria Necessary to Meet This INACSL Debriefing Standard

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  1. The debrief is facilitated by a person(s) competent in the process of debriefing.
  2. The debrief is conducted in an environment that is conducive to learning and supports confidentiality, trust, open communication, self-analysis, feedback, and reflection.
  3. The debrief is facilitated by a person(s) who can devote enough concentrated attention during the simulation to effectively debrief the simulation-based experience.
  4. The debrief is based on a theoretical framework for debriefing that is structured in a purposeful way.
  5. The debrief is congruent with the objectives and outcomes of the simulation-based experience.

Download high-res printable versions of all the Infographics here and Learn more about the INACSL Standards here!

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