February 12, 2018By Lance Baily

Upcoming VA Healthcare & Military Health Conferences Free to VA / Military Personnel

Military and VA healthcare champions take note about this upcoming Military Health  conference (April 23-25 in D.C.) and VA Healthcare conference (May 14-16 in D.C), both of which are organized by IDGA and are FREE for Military/VA or U.S. Gov/Military/and Law Enforcement personnel respectively! Simulation speakers include Ms. Mary Ellen Elias, Simulation Coordinator Co-Director of Interprofessional Advanced Fellowship in Clinical Simulation at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, and LTC Christopher Todd, Product Manager of Medical Simulation for the U.S. Army.

About VA Healthcare 2018 May

VA Healthcare 2018 is designed to bring together leaders within the VA and International Militaries to discuss policies, best practices, program modernizations and advancements in new technologies and facilities, as well as to discuss challenges and opportunities shaping the future of healthcare delivery. Learn, share and connect with industry leaders offering cutting edge innovations and network with likeminded professionals to explore redefining best practices in a collaborative environment. VA Healthcare 2018 will offer you professional growth with our CME certified sessions in addition to directly contributing to the well being of our veterans who have sacrificed for our country.

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Topics covered during the conference include: 

  • Veteran Centered Modules & Delivering Patient Care
  • Telehealth Services and making Healthcare Accessible
  • Suicide Prevention and Community Partners
  • IT Modernization and DoD Collaboration
  • PTSD, Invisible Wounds and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Readjusting Facilities to Meet the Needs of Veterans
  • Women’s Care & Treatment Options
  • Electronic Health Records and IT Excellence
  • Change Management and Cultural Improvements
  • Advances in Prosthetics and Alternative Miedicine for Veterans
  • Process Your Claim in 30 Days!
  • Addressing the Shortage of Physicians and Nurses
  • And more!

About Military Health April

The Military Healthcare System provides for 9.5 million service members and family members in the Continental USA and all around the World. Many changes are constructed by the National Defense Authorization Act of 2017, including the Defense Health Agency emerging responsibilities over the Military Treatment Facilities and actions aiming to modernize the medical forces and facilities utilizing technological advancements and lifesaving innovation. Military Healthcare 2018 will provide a forum to discuss and examine the complexity of the issues above, share solutions and strategies for the way ahead and a setting for mutual learning and collaboration with International peers – all aiming to maintain a “ready medical force and medically ready force”. Don’t miss the opportunity to understand and support the current and future requirements of our medical stakeholders as they commit to the continuous improvement of healthcare delivery to our troops and their families!

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  • Address the Evolution of Military Healthcare into an Effective, Efficient, Peacetime System
  • Learn about the latest simulation and modeling to enhance military medicine skill sets
  • Understand Military Healthcare System contracting and acquisition procedures and upcoming priorities
  • Gain insight on cost cutting efficiencies, groundbreaking and lifesaving innovation by utilizing Virtual Health and Connected Medicine
  • Engage, Collaborate and Learn with International peers on medical innovation and procedures
  • Hear updates from senior leaders on the way ahead for the military healthcare system, advances in medical education and training

Learn more by Visiting the VA Healthcare Website or Military Health Website Today!

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