December 14, 2016

Monivent's Neo Newborn Ventilation Device for Training & Practice – SESAM Exhibitor Video Interviews Part 3

Finishing off our coverage of the SESAM 2016 Lisbon event, which included interviews for Accurate’s PickUpSim Ovum Collection Simulator and Audio/Video Recording Platform from Zyos, today we learn about Monivent’s Neo ventilation device for newborns that can be used for simulated training and in actual practice!

About the Neo Ventilation Device

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Monivent Neo helps [...]


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May 14, 2012

Are You Successfully Running a Ventilator in Your Sims?

Hi Sim Champs!

Just got an email from a simulation user  looking to operate a ventilator in their simulations.  At the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas we used a refurbished ventilator to add props to the sceneray but it was never very successful for creating realistic chest rise and fall.  We were able to disable [...]

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