September 18, 2015

SimUshare Lets Fire Instructors Go Beyond Imagination With Real Time Fire Effects Over Images & Videos

Recently learned of SimUshare’s Fire Training App, which enables you to add fire and smoke effects to a library of pictures and videos, including the ones you take! I definitely wish we had this app during fire academy, to enable our instructors to help us all be on the same page about what [...]


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October 31, 2014

Simulation Moulage — Should You Be Using It?

“Train as you Fight.” — United States Army

Today comes an article from Moulage Expert Bobbie Merica on Carolina’s Fire Journal on the introduction and reasons behind utilizing moulage in your medical simulations. You can use such an article to help demonstrate to other clinical educators or administrators why they should invest in [...]


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December 19, 2013

Extrication Simulated Training System

Back at El Camino Fire Academy we were lucky to have some junked cars on the drill yard to practice victim extrication and window glass breaking. Problem was we had no way of flipping the vehicles to practice advanced skill sets. I just saw this simulation training system for EMS personnel and knew [...]

October 12, 2011

Driving Simulators – The Real Deal

When I attended El Camino Fire Academy we had a couple of old engines we used for driving and pumping water in the “yard”.  Before cutting the new recruits loose on these massive vehicles, our instructors took us out to the local race track so we could learn how they handled.  We practiced S-turns, parking, [...]

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