November 24, 2016

Center for Medical Simulation Hosts Alaskan Healthcare Providers for Frontline Training

The opportunity to train for frontline medical cases in rural areas is limitless with simulation. Recently Harvard’s CMS hosted Alaskan healthcare educators to provide a master course in the latest simulation learning best practices:

Recently, Harvard’s Center for Medical Simulation hosted two Alaskan healthcare providers, Susan Davis, EMT, CHP-c, and Danita Koehler, MD. Susan and Danita came [...]


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September 4, 2015

Jenny Rudolph from Harvard's Center for Medical Simulation Reminds Us "Excellent Debriefing is Invisible"

On the Center for Medical Simulation’s website there was recently a short post from Jenny Rudolph PhD, Senior Director of the Institute for Medical Simulation, reminding us that “excellent debriefing is invisible”. Jenny connects subtle interviewing techniques to simulation debriefing to show us how the participant should remain the center of the conversation.  As a documentary [...]


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September 17, 2014

Center For Medical Simulation Emphasizes Simulation Instructor Reflection

Gary Rossi, Chief Operating Officer at Harvard’s Center for Medical Simulation recently shared this video interview of Jenny Rudolph, Associate Director for the Institute for Medical Simulation, which was taken during a visit to Spain’s Hospital Virtual Valdecilla:

Earlier this summer during a faculty retreat at the Hospital Virtual Valdecilla (HvV), Jenny Rudolph recorded this video where [...]

July 25, 2012

Center for Medical Simulation Holds Instructor Workshop

Another note from Harvard’s Center for Medical Simulation for those clinical educators looking to receive simulation-based training.  CMS is holding an Instructor Workshop from October 2nd – 5th in New York.

CMS Faculty will be heading to New York where they’ll teach the internationally recognized Institute for Medical Simulation (IMS) “Simulation as a Teaching Tool” Simulation [...]

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