June 30, 2016

EHR Tutor Releases New Scenes Feature to Create Unfolding Simulation Scenarios

Last month we learned about EHR Tutor’s new “Scenes” feature, a solution to unfolding scenarios in simulation.

Official Press Release from EHR Tutor:

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January 8, 2016

EHR Tutor Partners with Wallcur to Deliver Improved Simulated Medication Administration Training

Heard from EHR Tutor this week about a new partnership between the company and Wallcur to improve the educational training of simulated medication administration!

EHR Tutor also sent us this whitepaper entitled “Preparing Nurses for Medication Administration with Realistic Simulation White Paper“, which you can download for free.

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August 27, 2015

New ‘EHR Tutor’ Enables Simulated Learning From Cloud

Today I was made aware of a new Electronic Health Record Training System called “EHR Tutor”. Their website suggests that “EHR Tutor provides functionality and features that will give your students the experience they need to confidently enter today’s technology based workplace and the world of electronic records.” Have you started teaching [...]

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