Introducing SKILLQUBE: Tablet-Based Clinical Training Simulators

SKILLQUBE stands out as a groundbreaking innovative solution that brings clinical simulation training to new heights. Innovation is the cornerstone of progress in the realm of medical simulation. With advancements in technology, the landscape of medical education is evolving rapidly, offering more immersive and effective learning experiences. SKILLQUBE incorporates tablet-based technology into their clinical simulation equipment. This article will explore how SKILLQUBE can meet your clinical simulation needs.


Starting in 2013 as an American Heart Association (AHA) International Training Center (ITC), SKILLQUBE quickly realized that the technology did not deliver the needed realism . Fast forward to 2018, when SKILLQUBE released its first patient monitor simulator, things changed. SKILLQUBE´s “Mission360” focuses on holistic solutions for team training in medical simulations. Mission 360’s has five pillars as a foundation – transferring knowledge, learning skills, decision-making, simulation and team training, and preclinical experience. At the center of the company’s values, “Mission 360” is meant to convey that Skillqube Training supports all areas of sustainable education. In keeping with their motto, “make it real,” SKILLQUBE gives participants the knowledge and skills that prepare them for real-life emergencies. The ECG patient and ventilator simulation systems, along with audio-video debriefing equipment, fully support SKILLQUBE´s “Mission 360”.

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SKILLQUBE has been at the top of the innovation game with the creation of very realistic emulations of commonly used medical devices. Over the years, as a medical simulation expert, SKILLQUBE offers tremendous value in medical education and training to support healthcare workers and first responders properly as they transition from training to real-life scenarios on these simulation devices:

  • qubeSERIES Patient Monitors/Defibrillators (simulating ZOLL, Stryker and many more))
  • Transport Ventilators (simulating Hamilton and Weinmann))
  • Fully integrated with their line of audio-visual debriefing equipment (qubeAVGo and qubeAVPro).

The Future of Simulation-Based Education

Tablet-based simulation technology represents the future of medical education for several compelling reasons. Firstly, this technology offers unparalleled accessibility and flexibility. With SKILLQUBE, simulation training can be conducted anytime, anywhere, without the need for specialized facilities or expensive equipment. This democratization of simulation education enables medical professionals to enhance their skills conveniently and efficiently.

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Moreover, tablet-based simulation technology provides a lifelike learning environment that closely mirrors real-life scenarios. By leveraging advanced monitoring and assessment features, SKILLQUBE immerses learners in dynamic simulations that challenge their critical thinking and decision-making abilities. From basic emergency scenarios to complex cases, SKILLQUBE offers a comprehensive range of training modules, such as their qubeCLOUD, to plan the next training by creating individual scenarios.

Furthermore, SKILLQUBE promotes active learning through its hands-on approach. Unlike passive engagement with traditional lectures or textbooks, SKILLQUBE encourages learners to actively participate in simulation exercises to foster a deeper understanding of medical concepts and procedures. SKILLQUBE enhances knowledge retention and skill acquisition among medical professionals through the engagement of multiple senses and promotes experiential learning.

The Importance of Realism in Simulation Training

Central to SKILLQUBE’s effectiveness is its commitment to realism. By replicating authentic clinical devices such as ECGs and ventilator monitors, SKILLQUBE provides learners with a true-to-life training experience that prepares them for the challenges they may encounter in their healthcare professional careers. From patient assessment to treatment, SKILLQUBE simulation solutions will support trainers and learners along the journey.

Realism is particularly crucial in medical simulation for learners to develop confidence and competence in their clinical skills. Through realistic scenarios exposure, learners complete clinical situations with unexpected complications and realistic patient responses, SKILLQUBE helps bridge the gap between theory and practice to ensure medical professionals are well-prepared to deliver high-quality care in real-life settings.

Furthermore, SKILLQUBE facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration to allow healthcare providers from different specialties to train together in simulated scenarios. This collaborative approach fosters teamwork and communication and promotes a holistic understanding of patient care, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Looking Ahead to the Future of Clinical Education and Training

As technology continues to advance, the potential for tablet-based simulation in medical education is limitless. With the ability to deliver realistic, immersive, and accessible training experiences, SKILLQUBE is poised to revolutionize how medical professionals learn and refine their skills. By embracing innovation and harnessing the power of simulation technology, SKILLQUBE can ensure that healthcare providers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver exceptional patient care in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

SKILLQUBE represents a significant advancement in simulation-based education and offers a glimpse into the future of medical training. With their emphasis on realism, accessibility, and active learning, SKILLQUBE has the potential to transform medical education and ultimately improve patient outcomes. As they continue to explore the possibilities of tablet-based simulation technology, the future of healthcare education has never looked brighter.


SKILLQUBE Training is a healthcare simulation training solutions company headquartered in Wiesloch, Germany. Over the past decade, SKILLQUBE has developed a reputation as an innovator in the field of healthcare simulation. Founded in 2013, the company develops holistic simulation and training solutions for use across clinical and preclinical care. All SKILLQUBE Training software is made in Germany and Switzerland and is based on years of medical training experience. With more than 40 training sites, Skillqube Training is the largest International Training Center (ITC) of the American Heart Association (AHA) in the DACH region. These sites and clinical simulations help rescue teams better prepare for emergency situations to guarantee sufficient care in an emergency. Through better preparation and experiential learning, healthcare provider confidence increases which can lead to better patient care outcomes that leads to people living a higher-quality of life.

Through the company’s “Make it real” campaign, Skillqube sets a new high standard for advanced medical simulation. This provides participants with a deeper learning experience and enhances overall patient safety.

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