December 5, 2010By Lance Baily

Quick Manikin Moulage and Cleaning Tips

Hey Champs!

When I was at the Laerdal SUN Conference I heard a few fantastic manikin tips from LA Harbor College’s Simulation Team Brad Brown and Martin Gallegos that I just had to share with everyone:

1) To remove an ink stain from the manikin try using CLEARASIL – Clearasil can remove ink stains if applied to the stain and then left in strong UV sunlight.

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2) Use Rubber Cement glue to apply wounds as when you are done you can just rub the sticky stuff right off!

As always it is best to experiment with your manikin’s neck skins or the back sides of chest skins to make sure these techniques work satisfactorily to your specific brand of products.

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Have a great week in Sim!


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