February 14, 2024By Teresa Gore

How SimVS Ecosystem Meets Your Full Clinical Sim Lab Needs


SimVS’ new technology redefines healthcare simulation and expands learning opportunities in the lab, classroom, and online. SimVS is tablet-based life-like simulated medical equipment that can be utilized with manikins and standardized patients to create a realistic learning environment for healthcare professionals to incorporate critical thinking with hands-on skills to develop clinical judgment. SimVS is the only truly modular All-in-One simulation ecosystem that allows different applications and multiple students to work together to create an immersive and cohesive simulation environment. This HealthySimulation.com article will focus on the SimVS Ecosystem.

SimVS Ecosystem

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SimVS can meet your healthcare simulation needs, whether outfitting individual beds with life-like monitors in the sim lab, implementing a comprehensive network of devices in all exam rooms, or implementing communication tools for complex multi-patient scenarios. The SimVS Ecosystem incorporates multiple programs including:

  • Physiological Monitoring: Hospital monitor, Telemetry monitor, Vital Signs monitor, Ventilator monitor, and automatic external defibrillator (AED)
  • IV Pump Simulator
  • Nurse Call Wireless Intercom System

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SimVS Instructor All-in-One Dashboard

The SimVS instructor’s tablet is the nerve center which allows the facilitator to run pre-set scenarios or on-the-fly from one central location . SimVS comes pre-programmed with a complete library of scenarios and includes the functionality to control multiple patients (SPs or manikins) from one central control tablet.

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All scenarios have customized after-action reviews/checklists with specific details that can be incorporated into the debriefing session. A comprehensive checklist is provided for all pre-programmed scenarios as well. This allows the faculty member to make notes on the learner’s performance that can be incorporated into the debriefing. These checklists can be edited to allow for customization for faculty-created clinical scenarios. All checklists are shareable through several programs and are automatically graded for a debriefing session.

Two Way Communication: Instructors can record and view learners’ decision-making in real time through a two-way communication window. The system allows the faculty the ability to send a variety of media to the learner during the clinical simulation. The media can be routine lab values, arterial blood gasses, 12-lead EKGs, and questions. This can increase the complexity of the scenario or provide additional information that requires the learner to incorporate the opportunity to multitask or prioritize based on the additional media provided. Faculty can send the learners questions to promote critical decision-making or provide clarity during the simulation

Multi-patient Multi-device functionality: Each instructor setup can run up to six concurrent patient scenarios with multiple monitors/devices for each patient. For example Patient 1 could be on the Hospital Monitor and IV pump at the same time. Patient 2 could be on the ventilator and IV pump. This multi-patient capability also allows for more complex scenarios to be run with objectives such as prioritization and delegation.


SimVS Monitors and Benefits

SimVS offers realistic simulated physiological monitoring through the widest wide range of monitor types on the market including the hospital monitor, defibrillators, telemetry, mechanical ventilator monitor, and AED (automatic external defibrillator). SimVS displays all physiology and controls found on modern monitors, giving the simulations a real feel. As scenarios unfold, learners can quickly see the effects of their actions on the display of the patient and learn how their actions impacted the patient, positively or negatively.

The incorporation of SimVS provides a higher level of fidelity instead of an instructor verbalization of the vital signs. To increase the psychomotor skills of the learner each SimVS system can include monitoring cables such as 12 lead ECG, 3 lead ECG, blood pressure, Sp02 finger probe. This allows for the scaffolding of learning. The participants learn the didactic material in the classroom. Then, the learner goes into the lab to practice the psychomotor skill of blood pressure cuff application and the use of the pulse oximeter and temperature probe. Once the learner has completed these psychomotor skills, the instructor can display the data on the vital signs monitor. This builds upon clinical realism to promote critical thinking and clinical judgment.

SimVS IV Pump Provides a New Way to Learn

SimVS developed the world’s first virtual IV Pump in 2023. SimVS set forth to assist faculty members to instill safe medication delivery practices for their learners. This cutting-edge technology provides users with a realistic and safe environment to practice the administration of IV medications and fluids. The virtual IV pump offers a cost-effective and risk-free alternative that can be used with traditional training equipment, just like the virtual monitors and defibrillators range offered by SimVS.

The SimVS IV pump simulator offers the learners many benefits including the capability to practice critical thinking to learn a complex skill. Practice is essential for confidence and proficiency when learning a new skill. The SimVS IV-Pump comes with four commonly seen pump interfaces to meet the requirements of any medical simulation center, regardless of which IV interface the student may encounter in real life. The SimVS IV-Pump can incorporate volume, dose, and weight-based calculations, primary and secondary infusions, dosage controls, and drug selections. The learners can navigate drug selection and dosage controls along with primary and secondary infusions.

Another advantage of the SimVS IV simulator compared to refurbished IV pumps is the ability to fully control the drugs available for practice. The included Drug Library can be edited on either the instructor or student side. Drugs can be assigned to specific departments and all appropriate Guardrail limits set.

SimVS Call Intercom System

SimVS has multiple products available to promote the realism of a quality multi-patient simulation. SimVS Call Intercom is a two-way communication system that allows Push-to-Talk communication between learners and instructors, enabling students to accept/decline alarms and calls for assistance. With configurable options for up to twenty beds, the new SimVS Telecom feature for real-time telecom capability can be added to any simulation center to increase the realism of the medical scenario.

The SimVS Call Intercom system will allow instructors to provide cues and communication that will require the learner to critically think, prioritize, delegate, and assess. With multiple patients that require care at the same time, the nursing student or new graduate nurse will need to be able to critically think to determine the highest priority need, the intervention to be completed, if the task can be delegated to another level of care provider, the ability to contact another care provider to request assistance, and more. In other words, the ability to function as a medical-surgical nurse.

The SimVS Ecosystem is an affordable modular system that allows organizations to expand simulation capability at a reasonable cost. Schools can purchase just the functionality they need from the full range of products. SimVS allows for modular expansion at any time. We invite you to learn about how SimVS can help schools create an innovative way of doing simulation training that mimics real-world scenarios.


More About SimVS

Today, SimVS is one of the world’s most successful providers of simulated medical device monitors, boasting thousands of unit installations on devices across the globe. The founders of SimVS recognized that existing healthcare simulation equipment was both expensive and cumbersome, so an effort was made to create more accessible alternatives that would enhance the clinical training experience. SimVS accomplished this by creating a product line of simulated patient virtual monitors, defibrillators, vital sign devices, call bells, ventilators, and more. SimVS has emerged as a trailblazer in the development of affordable simulated medical device technology to enhance the realism of the experiential learning environment.

Learn More About How SimVS Can Expand Your Sim Experiences!

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