October 2, 2023By Teresa Gore

How Moulage Sciences and Training Can Provide You With Realistic Moulage Solutions

Moulage Sciences & Training (MST) delivers the world’s finest and most realistic healthcare injury technology to train healthcare professionals to provide quality care. Moulage Sciences & Training merges the latest special effects technology with advanced materials to recreate emergency trauma care’s intensity, complexity, and stress. This HealthySimulation.com article will explore Moulage Sciences Training’s comprehensive portfolio of immersive training products, from injuries to clinical applications, that allow medical professionals to practice and achieve skill mastery in a myriad of emergency medical procedures and scenarios.

Moulage Sciences and Training Defines Moulage

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Moulage Sciences & Training defines moulage as the art of applying mock injuries to simulate real-world experience for emergency medical training. Severe medical trauma creates major challenges for military & civilian first responders. Traditional classroom training is essential, but there is only one substitute for actual experience in the field: healthcare simulation. To bridge the gap is moulage, the art of applying mock injuries to simulate real-world experience for emergency medical training. In use for decades, moulage ranges in complexity from simple wax models to hyper-realistic prostheses with pumping blood and simulated odors.

MST Moulage Products to Support Your Scenario Realism

The moulage products from Moulage Sciences & Training cover a wide variety of injuries. The advantages of MST moulage products include the ability to reuse the products, overlays adherence to the manikins or standardized patients, and the realism of the silicone-based products. The silicone rubber used in MST products is the same quality and grade used in movie productions. The use of silicone increases the durability and ease of application, which increases the realism. The moulage product lines include:

  • Gunshots & Lacerations
  • Venous & Arterial Wounds
  • Burns, Boils & Ulcers
  • Severe Amputations
  • Simulated Tissue & Fluids
  • Advanced Skills Trainers
  • Shrapnel, Odors & Extras
  • Application Supplies

The video from Moulage Sciences and Training demonstrates a needle decompression for a post-trauma pneumothorax.

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How to Increase the Authenticity with MST Simulated Tissues & Fluids and Odors

Moulage Sciences and Training incorporate all the participants’ senses for a more immersive healthcare simulation experience. MST Odors have been developed to provide a realistic olfactory and visual simulation of MST prosthetics to take the realism factor of your training scenario to an entirely different level. These scent oils are designed to simulate scents in the most unpleasant scenarios. Available in a convenient spray-top container, these scents will last through multiple scenarios, as a little goes a long way. The available odors are decaying flesh, feces, gunpowder, burnt flesh, vomit, urine, and car bomb. With the scents being oil based, MST recommends spraying the odors on something disposable, like a cotton ball, or gauze, so that the offending odor can be bagged, sealed, and use again later or tossed away.

To aid in the removal of the odors after the simulation, MST offers an Odor Neutralizer to eliminate the unpleasant smells of MST Odors after the training scenario has been completed. MST Odors are very strong and can be hard to remove completely. MST’s Odor Neutralizer makes the removal an easy task. MST’s Odor Neutralizer can be sprayed throughout the room to remove any lingering scents.

The simulated tissues and fluids offered by Moulage Sciences and Training enhance the realism. The MST simulated blood even dries dark and brittle to replicate human blood. The MST urine is representative of urine in various states, such as diluted, normal/regular, dehydrated, and hematuria. The combination of the odors and fluids produces a more realistic and immersive clinical simulation experience.

Healthcare simulationists can combine odors and fluids with the appropriate Moulage Sciences and Training products for the next level of realism. Watch this Bleeding Wound Gag to see MST in action! Some of the products include:

  • MST Perforated Bowel
  • MST Thermal Burn
  • MST Large & Small Ulcers
  • MST Simulated Vomit
  • MST Simulated Urine
  • MST Simulated Venous Blood

Use of Moulage Sciences and Training Incorporation into Non-Trauma Healthcare Simulations

The use of Moulage Sciences and Training products and services is not limited to trauma clinical simulations. MST products can be used to increase the realism of medical-surgical clinical simulations. If the healthcare simulationists want to replicate an infected ulcer on the sacral area. The use of MST small or large ulcers could be used with fecal and urine orders. The combination would involve the senses of sight, smell, and touch. Another example could be a first-term pregnant patient with hyperemesis. The use of MST dehydrated urine with urine odor and simulated vomit with vomit odor.

More Services Offered by Moulage Sciences and Training

MST offers a variety of training courses designed to help you reach your greatest potential in the field of moulage. In addition to our standard course catalog, custom classes can be designed and delivered to meet your unique requirements. Moulage Sciences and Training instructors have an extensive professional background, including special effects makeup for film and television, fine art, and science.

Their skilled professionals can create custom moulage for your exercise or drill using various products and techniques. We have traveled all over the country with professional special effects makeup artists to do moulage for a multitude of scenarios, including military training, disaster drills, professional demonstrations, and hospital triage.

MST Moulage Techniques Training (MTT) courses are designed to teach trainees current Moulage techniques and materials implemented in existing medical training and special effects industries. Training exercises range from moulage application to making your own prosthetics and props. Classes are taught on-site at MST’s Orlando research & development facility or an institution with five or more trainees.

Major General (ret.) Elder Granger MD, FACP, FACPE, CMQ states, “When I walked into the Moulage Sciences & Training (MST) production facility for the first time, I saw the moulage across the room and could not tell whether the wounds were moulage or real. I knew at that point these products were different—better. I continue to be impressed with the innovation, realism, and durability.”

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