August 30, 2023By Teresa Gore

Increase Clinical Training Capacity with SimConverse’s Large-Scale Communication Platform

SimConverse increases training capacity and enables large scale communication skills training to be delivered asynchronously. This is done for all healthcare professionals by leveraging the SimConverse generative artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver virtual simulation experiences remotely. Communication is the foundation of every healthcare interaction with patients, their families, and healthcare colleagues. Without accessible, diverse, inclusive, and flexible communication skills training, educators continue to grapple with getting their learners to reach competency. SimConverse is used for all this, from simple to incredibly complex communication skills training like health assessments, de-escalation, delivery of bad news, and end of life care. SimConverse allows educators to conduct large-scale competency-based skills training with a fully customizable grading rubric and automated feedback that is personalized to each learner’s specific performance.

This article will outline how you can easily leverage SimConverse to help improve your training capacity, accessibility, and quality across larger groups of learners. All whilst guaranteeing world-class personalized feedback and increasing your effective training opportunities.

SimConverse for Large and Scalable Implementation

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Improved communication reduces healthcare errors and prevents patient injuries, with the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimating 80% of all serious healthcare errors directly result from poor communication. Communication skills training through SimConverse allows learners and faculty to first identify and then address their biases through personalized feedback and directed promotion of inclusivity. There is significant difficulty for organizations to hire, train, and utilize a diverse range of standardized patients/participants without the use of SimConverse’s virtual technology.

Evidence-based, learner-focused experiences allow educators to implement virtual communication skills training whilst learners feel they are receiving one-on-one education. SimConverse supports faculty in all aspects of simulation: pre-work, scenario delivery, automated grading with quantitative and qualitative feedback, as well as facilitated self-reflection and debrief. Performance information gathered by the platform is provided to the faculty to provide the data necessary for full debrief and further teaching.

As the world experts in communicative generative AI, SimConverse provides large-scale, accessible, and high-quality communication skills training for the entire healthcare workforce. This is only possible through leveraging their thousands of fully customisable and flexible Generative AI Characters.

For more information on the SimConverse Generative AI, read SimConverse Utilizes AI to Improve Clinical Communication Skills Training.

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SimConverse provides learners with tailored pre-work for foundational knowledge development and to prepare the skills necessary for each communication skills simulation. This pre-work includes flexible didactic material expertly tailored to whatever the scenario requires. Pre-work is delivered through engaging written, video, and audio content to optimally prepare the learner for participation in simulation or flipped classroom learning. Given the platform is often used in confronting and difficult communication scenarios, the SimConverse pre-work always includes an evidence-based pre-brief to ensure learners are psychologically safe. All of this is developed and tailored to meet your needs by the SimConverse Team to reduce faculty workload whilst guaranteeing a consistently safe and high quality end-to-end experience for both your educators and your learners.

SimConverse Communication Training Large Scale

Pre-work example for a de-escalation training scenario.

Clinical Simulation Scenario

Once pre-work is completed, the learner engages in the simulation scenario with a patient, colleague, or family member. The character is played by the purpose-built generative AI to allow for a more fluid and natural conversation that is not a generic set of statically scripted responses but is instead based on the AI’s comprehensive understanding of clinical language. This allows for tremendous scenario diversity, fluidity, and flexibility all whilst guaranteeing a high quality standardized experience across your entire learner base. SimConverse leverages their Generative AI technology to either build out your entire curriculum for you (at no cost) or substitute any of their ever-growing library of over 1000 AI characters. Each AI character has an AI generated image and voice to allow for unlimited diversity, and customizability to meet the needs of every organization. Learners need broad diversity of communication training to ensure they hone the skills needed to deliver adequate care throughout their working career, this diversity of training is not possible for large learner groups without either significant human resource investment or by leveraging the SimConverse technology. By building out your curriculum for you, along with their extensive pre-existing library of scenarios, SimConverse saves months worth of faculty time for all your simulation development, planning, and delivery needs.


A collage of some SimConverse Characters.

Personalized Feedback

Without effective feedback learners will not improve. That is why the SimConverse AI will provide a full transcript of the discussion along with an objective and standardized grading of your organization’s rubrics including a personalized write up of what the learner needs to improve for next time. The transcript allows for participants to review their conversation, use it as proof of assessment, and reflect on ways different approaches they may wish to take. Next, the rubric will show quantitative and qualitative performance data in the form of numerical scoring and written feedback on each section of the learner’s rubric performance. This feedback is immediately available to the learner, so there is no lag time between attempting a scenario and understanding how to improve for next time. The rubric is purpose-built to be relevant to each scenario, and the feedback provided by the Generative AI is individualized to the specific conversation that was just had, so learners have a fully personalized learning experience. As this grading and feedback is automated through the SimConverse platform, educators and faculty save significant time to deliver feedback and can focus on the higher-level cohort statistics that are provided to them. With these powerful insights and time-saving, educators can identify weaknesses in large workforces’ skills and concentrate their limited time on improving these areas. So, not only does the SimConverse AI play the role of any person within a scenario, but it also provides learners with a personal educator who has unlimited time to provide comprehensive feedback for them.


A sub-section of a SimConverse graded de-escalation rubric with AI feedback.

Reflection and Debriefing

Adult learners need self-reflection in order to improve. The SimConverse platform provides this reflection after each exercise utilizing Gibb’s Self-Reflective Cycle. Reflection assists learners in connecting their actions and ideas with the goals of the simulation exercise and make improvements for future conversations. Debriefing is essential to ensuring that every simulation experience is also a learning experience for participants, and as such, this step is recommended for all learners on the SimConverse platform. This process is automatically guided by the platform, meaning large groups of learners can go through a complete and evidence-based learning experience without creating additional work for their educators. Faculty who wish to take a deeper dive into specific participants or parts of scenarios are able to view all feedback, reflection, and debriefing information.

Key Advantage

SimConverse has solved large scale communication training and evaluation. By leveraging the SimConverse technology organizations are finally able to increase their training capacity to save educator time and increase their enrolments.

This accessible technology provides learners and educators with the only cost-effective way to deliver this training at large scale. Alternative methods such as repeatedly providing in-person feedback or grading recorded scenarios necessitate substantial time and human resource investment that healthcare organizations and educators simply do not have. The timely feedback that is provided is also essential for learners to remember their simulation experience in detail and absorb information on how to improve for next time.

SimConverse’s AI platform allows for feedback and rubrics specifically designed to address learning goals. Rubrics can be developed by SimConverse’s clinical education team, or an organization’s existing rubrics may be digitized for the generative AI to populate for you.

View the LEARN CE/CME Platform Webinar Leverage AI for Large Scale Healthcare Communication Skills Training to learn more!

As discussed in this article, the SimConverse platform provides a holistic approach to teaching communication skills training to large cohorts of learners. This benefits participants, who receive tailored end-to-end communication training; educators, who can deliver this highly-effective training without needing to add hundreds of hours to their workload; healthcare organizations, which are able to improve the quality of communication throughout entire healthcare networks; and most importantly our patients, who benefit from significant reductions in healthcare errors and an enhanced patient experience.

SimConverse’s goal is to improve the communication skills of all healthcare professionals and support educators by providing them with the tools required to implement the large scale communication skills training that is needed. SimConverse is leading the way for innovative solutions to improve healthcare.


SimConverse was founded in 2020 by CEO Aiden Roberts and COO Will Pamment. The founders conceptualized the company while studying medicine when they realized that healthcare curricula lack emphasis on communication skills and instead focused on procedural and clinical skills only. Given that the majority of medical errors come from ineffective communication, the duo knew they were uniquely able to tackle this problem. Coupling Aiden’s decade worth of experience in AI and Will’s ongoing research into clinical education theory, SimConverse was born.

By incorporating stage-based learning theory into communication skills training, SimConverse allows learners to practice one of the most difficult aspects of a patient encounter. Specifically, SimConverse was designed to operate within a simulated environment that is safe, repeatable, reflective, and customizable. SimConverse’s scenarios can be accessed from any device, by any learner, from any location. The constellation of AI models that SimConverse has developed are adaptable to any level of clinical learner and can portray any patient, colleague, or simulated participant role that a scenario requires.

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