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IMSH 2023 Vendor Demos: CAE Healthcare, EMS, Laerdal, SimX, Sentinel U and Medical Shipment

HealthySimulation.com toured several vendor booths at the Society for Simulation in Healthcare’s (SSH) International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) 2023 event, sharing today the first of several video exhibitor updates from CAE Healthcare, Education Management Solutions, Laerdal Medical, SimX, Sentinel U and Medical Shipment. These short videos are quick ways to see and learn about the latest medical simulation technologies from these companies, so grab a snack and check out these #IMSH2023 vendor demos!

CAE Healthcare

Newly appointed CAE Healthcare President Jeff Evans welcomed us to IMSH sharing that the “CAE Healthcare advantage all starts as we think about the human body and the physiological impact and the engine that we have running on all of our simulators. As you can see, the physiological engine is embedded in our CAE Maestro platform, which also really helps take feedback as you think about the equipment and the medicine that is actually provided in a simulation scenario. [Such data recording] reduces the subjectivity of what happens during a scenario, giving more capacity back to educators on a regular basis.” He then went on to introduce “Ares, our ALS manikin”, before sharing about CAE Healthcare’s goal to continue to partner with external groups like “Microsoft in regards to Augmented Reality (AR), creating a mixed reality type of environment, not only to do physicality on the actual manikin itself, but also to take a look inside and see what’s going on with the anatomy and the pathology of simulated patients as you move through scenarios. All of this is within our continued commitment to the digital environment and the collaboration between physical and digital with remote learning.”

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Jeff continued, “our CAE Maestro Evolve platform that creates both self-directed learning as well as instructed led learning in a remote environment. Everything that you see here today from a physical perspective is embedded into the software platform, giving learners the ability to learn from anywhere. Our thought process as we continue to think about the continuum of a learner’s journey is truly focused on the individual data points that it creates through a learner’s journey, really focused on learning efficacy and adaptive learning. If we could take all of those data points as you get into individual scenarios and healthcare simulation environments in the physical perspective, as well as in the remote environment, we can ingest those data points. We can overlay Artificial Intelligence, we can gain insights that truly focus on the outcomes that really matter to learners, accelerating learner journeys, and giving capacity back to education. All of this will help prepare healthcare providers truly in the moments that matter.”

Education Management Solutions

Lynn Welch, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing at Education Management Solutions (EMS) shared that “This year at IMSH 2023 Education Management Solutions is very pleased to be bringing in our partners to offer you a full immersive experience. Here in the video what you’ll see shortly is a showcase of an emergency medicine scenario where we have a full Virtual Reality (VR) environment that we’re pairing with a live actor and the hurt vest from the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, bringing the full immersive reality to life.”

Lynn furthered that “we’re also bringing in the final piece of the equation for the learner experience, which is their own biometry via the Tesla Suit. The Tesla suit is a full body wearable haptic feedback device, and our solution is bringing in all of the biometry while worn by the learner. So today what you’ll see is all of the data being captured from all of the medical devices and other elements used in the training environment and merging that with the actual biometry of the learner. So for the first time, you’re able to get a full 360 degree viewpoint of what the learner is experiencing, feeling, how they’re reacting, and bring that all back into a high impact debriefing environment. At the same time, all of those elements are being mapped back to the core functional competencies that are being tracked over time.”

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Laerdal Medical’s Senior Client Executive Dean Beer provided us a grand tour of the Laerdal Medical booth at IMSH 2023, first starting with the “modular Nursing Anne Simulator, which is one simulator for many patients. Here on the video you can see Laerdal’s new male skin, and in five minutes, I can take that skin off and make him African American or make him geriatric.” Highlighting the SimPad Plus manikin control device, Dean shared about “the partnership with the NLN ACE courses for LBGQT scenarios”.

Next, Dean shared that the SimMan 3G plus now has the option for geriatric face masks, female skins, and trauma legs, furthering the concept of modular manikins. He also shared about the VitalsBridge unit, which enables the SimMan 3G patient monitor to be projected onto an actual real-life patient monitor. Furthermore, such technology can enable SimMan3G to use other real medical devices like a real SP02 monitor, receive live shocks from a real defibrillator with real pads, bilateral arm blood pressure machine testing. The SimMan3G shown at IMSH 2023 also demonstrated the Sonosim, enabling for realistic sonograms of the simulated manikin patient as the vitals change.

Dean also showed the tour of the new Laerdal service called “Accelerate”, wherein Laerdal will handle every aspect of a simulation training experience by providing custom-tailored training services on-location — an industry first from a major international group. Following the on-site service, Laerdal provides the institution with the data that was generated from the training activity which will show you how your department or systems compare to different benchmarks.

Dean then shared about the new Virtual Reality vSim experience which Laerdal developed in partnership with Wolters Kluwer. In the demonstration, participants had the opportunity to prioritize patients across a nursing floor, a simulation scenario more difficult to practice with physical manikins due to the number of simulated patient required. Dean continued with more about the upgraded screen-based virtual patients vSim nursing platform, with all the scenarios correlating for use as well with Laerdal patient manikins — providing the opportunity to practice with patients in a virtual and physical environments.

Finally, Dean shared about the “modular skills trainer used in unison with SimCapture, which is great for peer-to-peer training where learners can record themselves and share their simulated training directly with their clinical professors via SimCapture. They can actually go through a bunch of different clinical actions and then send it to their professor, and the professor can actually annotate while they’re doing it.


Tyler Andre, Director of Business Development SimX shared that “we’re a medical simulation Virtual Reality (VR) company that has multiple students that are working together to take care of patients. Here you can see a military based scenario, but we also have VR cases for nursing, paramedics, physicians and residents, other allied health professionals. Things that make SimX relatively unique are that we have patented multiplayer clinical simulation capabilities with no dropdown menus. You’ll notice that the participants in this below the knee amputation scenario are all working together to take care of the patient as a team, but there are no prompts that are telling them what to do. Anything that they would do in real life, we want them to do in the virtual simulation experience. As a completely immersive experience, you’re able to practice on virtual patients in a realistic environment such as this Humvee vehicle that’s on fire on the side of the road.”

Tyler continued that “we’ve also got more content than any other virtual reality education company with 250 cases and counting, and we’re continually building new scenarios and custom solutions for sim centers across the world. We offer powerful reporting at the end of every scenario that will give the learners feedback on how well they did, what objectives they met, and a timestamp of everything that was performed while in headset. What’s unique about VR is that its a fast setup, compared to providing a trauma simulation experience with manikins which can often take a lot of time with moulage and prep to make an environment full of smoke. Conversely in VR we can set up in less than 10 minutes and be ready to go; we try to make sure that our costs are affordable and fit any simulation program budget with the goal to be about a tenth of the cost of traditional manikin based simulation.”

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Sentinel U

INACSL President and Sentinel U Vice President of Clinical Learning Resources, Dr. Laura Gonzalez shared that “Sentinel U is leading the industry in nursing, virtual simulation, screen-based experiences. We have a wide portfolio, covering both undergraduate or pre-licensure, post licensure, and advanced practice series, which is our newest experience. These are 55 unique cases that allows the learner, the advanced practice provider, to encounter a patients an authentic encounter. There’s an inquiry, there’s an opportunity to do a health and physical assessment, an interpretation of findings, and an opportunity to do a plan of care to include your medication, additional diagnostics and references. The Sentinel U team is really excited about launching them!”

Dr. Gonzalez continued that “I think another really important thing that I just would like to highlight when we talk about Sentinel U, is our unique, diverse patient characters. We’ve worked very hard with our DEI experts, and so all of the patient encounters have had a rigorous review with at least two DEI consultants, just to ensure that we’re meeting our users, our partners where they are at, and we make sure that we bring this education forward.”

Medical Shipment

Medical Shipment Sales Representative Leo Joanidhi’s for shared that “Medical Shipment provides medical supplies and equipment to nursing programs across the country.  We have a few different areas of products that we supply, including disposable supplies, PPE, student nursing kits and everything from your dressing, change trays, your FO catheter kits, needle syringes, IV bags, etc. On top of that, we offer new and refurbished medical equipment to furnish your nursing simulation center from floor ceiling. For our student nursing kits, we do fully customizable bags. Beyond that, one of our key products is the Pyxis MedStation Medication Administration Medical Device, which we are the exclusive distributor for to the educational market for medical device manufacturer BD.”

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