May 23, 2014By Lance Baily

Standard Operating Procedure Guides for Simulation Technician Positions

Recently I received word from some simulation champions in California that they were looking for a guide and other help to orientate a new Simulation Technician. Below are two SOPs, or Standard Operating Procedure, manuals that we built at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas in case we ever needed to train someone new to those positions. When I was the Director of that program, the center had two simulation technicians — one which was more IT focused and one which was more Clinical focused. I have heard from countless sources that losing a simulation champion in any role can be a really devastating situation for a program. To combat this, I tasked the staff with creating and annually updating their job descriptions AND these SOPs — so that if the role switched to another individual they would have a head-start on the responsibilities, and a guide on how to complete them!

Download the Guides:

Sim Tech SOP – IT Based Position

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Sim Tech SOP – Clinical Based Position

Notice that the staff detail out how to perform the most common functionalities of their job — very helpful for new staff.

If you are hiring your first Sim Tech, download these SOPs and then be sure to check out Paying subscribers gain access to more of such Sim Tech operational documents, plus countless recorded video presentations from previous hands-on SimGHOSTS training events.

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Lastly, strongly consider sending your Sim Tech to the 2014 SimGHOSTS events in either Australia this June at the University of the Sunshine Coast, or this August in the US at the American College of Chest Physicians in Greater Chicago.

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