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SimVS Diagnostic Essentials Improve Realism in Your Clinical Simulation Center

SimVS is among the leaders in the development of affordable simulated medical device technology, like SimVS Diagnostic Essentials. SimVS Diagnostic Essentials is a standalone system that replicates a vital signs cart with integrated point-of-care devices to enhance the realism of the experiential learning environment. This article will explore SimVS Diagnostic Essentials and how to increase the realism in your simulation center without breaking the budget.

SimVS has revolutionized how medical professionals and clinical learners train and practice skills with virtual patient monitors, assessment devices, IV pumps, defibrillators, and more. One of SimVS’s strengths is its ability to work in various clinical simulation environments, creating the most realistic learning environment possible. SimVS can be used with various manikins and standardized patients. A notable advantage of SimVS is its utilization of tablets as the platform for all its programs. The size and portability are optimal for limited spaces available in most simulation programs.

SimVS Diagnostic Essentials provides the base for learners to obtain objective data to begin the development of the patient’s plan of care. The SimVS Diagnostic Essentials comes with the ability to obtain baseline information that includes blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse oximeter, thermometer, and glucometer.

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SimVS Diagnostic Essentials

SimVS Diagnostic Essentials package includes three tablets. One of the tablets is for the vital signs monitor, which allows the learners the opportunity to visualize the vital signs and to learn to interpret the data as displayed in the clinical environment. The second monitor is the point-of-care testing for pulse oximeter, thermometer, and glucometer. The incorporation of SimVS Diagnostic Essentials provides a higher level of fidelity instead of an instructor verbalization of the vital signs. The third tablet is the instructor’s tablet, which allows the facilitator to run pre-set scenarios or on-the-fly. Remember, each instructor monitor can run up to six other monitors.

SimVS Diagnostic Essentials comes on one mobile vital sign stand with a basket. To increase the psychomotor skills of the learners, one blood pressure cuff, one pulse oximeter, and one temperature probe come with this set. This allows for the scaffolding of learning. The participants learn the didactic material in the classroom. Then, the learner goes into the lab to practice the psychomotor skill of blood pressure cuff application and the use of the pulse oximeter and temperature probe. Once the learner has completed these psychomotor skills, the instructor can display the data on the vital signs monitor. This builds upon clinical realism to promote critical thinking and clinical judgment.

SimVS Simulated Patient Monitors and Medical Devices

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SimVS is a system designed to be used with standardized patients. Clinical simulation instructors can utilize SimVS preprogrammed scenarios or full on-the-fly control capability to facilitate healthcare professional learners’ practice role and psychomotor skills with clinical judgment development. SimVS is a multi-purpose training tool that can be used beyond creating patient scenarios. SimVS includes a robust set of devices that allow instructors to create customized displays and cases quickly and easily. Ideal for interactive classroom use or online case delivery.

​SimVS is ideal for programs that need to increase healthcare simulation capacity on a budget. ​The value of SimVS allows a simulation program to turn any manikin into a high-fidelity simulator. With its multi-student capabilities, a single instructor can effectively manage up to six patients concurrently. When acquiring SimVS, simulation programs have the flexibility to purchase only the specific functionalities necessary for learners to attain their designated objectives, aligning with scenario outcomes. SimVS can replace a hospital monitor, mechanical ventilator, defibrillator, or fetal monitor for simulation at a fraction of the cost of refurbished equipment. SimVS displays all physiology and controls found on modern monitors, which allows participants to quickly see the effects of their actions on the display of the patient. This promotes critical thinking and clinical judgment.

SimVS offers multiple ways to connect in any training environment. From the pre-hospital to the skills laboratory and the simulation lab environments, SimVS uses the latest mobile platforms to ensure healthcare participants and simulation faculty stay connected at the most critical times to increase the realism of the scenario.

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More About SimVS

Today, SimVS is one of the world’s most successful providers of simulated medical device monitors, boasting thousands of unit installations on devices across the globe. The founders of SimVS recognized that existing healthcare simulation equipment was both expensive and cumbersome, so an effort was made to create more accessible alternatives that would enhance the clinical training experience. SimVS accomplished this by creating a product line of simulated patient virtual monitors, defibrillators, vital sign devices, call bells, ventilators, and more.

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