November 19, 2013By Lance Baily

Simulab CentraLineMan Video Introduction

Recently HealthySim toured several US healthcare educational locations training with Simulab’s CentraLineMan, which is Simulab’s Central Vascular Catheterization training solution that allows medical professionals to train using real-time ultrasound guidance during catheter placement. Previously our video coverage on this topic included TraumaMan in-situ at LSU Health’s Surgical Suites, the use of Simulab products to train 200 learners at month at NorthShore University, as well as research that proves CentraLineMan prevents CVC infection and saves hospital costs at a ratio of 7:1, and finally a video introduction to Simulab.

In the latest video below, we cover the many unique features of CentraLineMan with a product breakdown:

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The main body form of Simulab’s CentraLineMan is shown in the video, which not only includes the initial purchase base of the trainer, but also the interchangeable skin which fits securely into the system. Also available now is the additional rotating head module, which the original base trainer easily fits within. The head can rotate and pitch, to help provide learners the opportunity to more closely mimic correct technique depending on different procedures.

CentraLineMan Standard & Optional Systems Training Opportunities:

  • Central Vascular Catheterization Using Subclavian, Supraclavicular, and Internal Jugular approaches
  • Sterile technique
  • Locating vessels with ultrasound
  • Inserting Needle
  • Threading guidewire
  • Passing dilator and triple lumen catheter
  • Performing line maintenance
  • Learning to use ultrasound guidance during catheter placement
  • Locating vessels using palpable landmarks

Simulab’s CentraLineMan is anatomically correct and palpable so not only can you feel the clavicle and the sternocleidomastoid muscle heads but also the carotid pulse. This means  when you are training your physicians or residents on the procedure using the blind technique, you have all the necessary anatomy so they can complete the procedure correctly.

Of course, CentraLineMan is ultrasound compatible, with any machine out there. Therefore you can do the IJ, the subclavian, and the supraclavicular sites. CentraLineMan includes an arterial pulse bulb and venous syringe which allows you to increase or decrease the pressure in the vein for a larger or smaller target respectively.

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cvc training simulator

By having the exit holes at the top of the body form, the CVC training system provides a realistic route to pass the guidewire which enables learners to see it with immediate visual feedback. You can pass the guidewire from all three locations: subclavian, superclavicular and the IJ sites.

Key Takeaways:

  • Responds to Ultrasound
  • Provides realistic soft tissue
  • Includes all necessary anatomical landmarks
  • Includes arterial pulse
  • Has two colors of simulated blood
  • Easy to refill simulated fluid reservoirs
  • Provides three access points
  • Is portable and affordable

A Simulation in Healthcare Journal research publication entitled “Cost Savings From Reduced Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection After Simulation-Based Education for Residents in a Medical Intensive Care Unit” (Cohen, Elaine R. BA; Feinglass, Joe PhD; Barsuk, Jeffrey H. MD; Barnard, Cynthia MBA, MSJS; O’Donnell, Anna RN, BSN; McGaghie, William C. PhD; Wayne, Diane B. MD) which utilized CentraLineMan found that “A simulation-based educational intervention in CVC insertion was highly cost-effective… at a Return-Of-Investment ratio of 7:1 with a cost savings of over $700,000 dollars for the hospital”.

With a purchase price for a complete system still under $3000, acquisition into this Simulab training platform to teach these skills is easy. And since replacement skins allow for at least 50 full catheter insertions and cost less than $500 – Simulab has designed an affordable training product that clearly delivers realistic, high quality and cost efficient training.

To learn more about CentraLineMan, the only system that fits into the ASA guidelines, visit today or watch our previous video on how the platform can save on hospital costs.

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