March 20, 2019By Lance Baily

Kaplan’s i-Human Patients Launches Undergraduate Nursing Simulated Virtual Patient Cases

Kaplan Test Prep recently launched the addition of Undergraduate Nursing Cases for their virtual patient platform: i-Human Patients, The Case Player is a next-generation, cloud-based, virtual patient simulator that helps your students think like nurses and improve clinical judgment with virtual client encounters. i-Human Patients by Kaplan is an online solution designed to offer students more clinical practice with safe, repeatable cases. Watch the video to learn more about these new program offerings below!

Enhance Your Students’ Clinical Judgment for Next Generation NCLEX success with Virtual Simulation with i-Human Patients by Kaplan. Virtual patient encounter simulations give your students realistic clinical experience and help hone their cognitive clinical skills. Detailed reporting captures performance and competency data, which is helpful to faculty as well. Practicing and improving clinical skills with virtual simulation can be woven seamlessly into your curriculum and conveniently into every student’s schedule.

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Now Available with Undergraduate Nursing Virtual Patient Cases

i-Human Patients virtual simulation offers Nursing students more opportunities to practice and master the clinical judgment skills necessary for success on the Next-Generation NCLEX. i-Human Patients is a cloud-based program that simulates a complete client encounter— from taking a history and performing a physical exam, to documenting findings and prioritizing actions. It allows you to supplement your current clinical time and simulation lab with safe, inexpensive, and repeatable virtual client encounters, and is completely aligned with Next Generation NCLEX and the clinical judgment model theorized by the NCSBN.

Virtual Patient Encounters from i-Human Patients Takes Clinical Simulation to the next level with these features:

  • Safe Environment: Simulation removes the risks, allowing students to learn by making mistakes.
  • Repeatable Encounters: Standardized, repeatable client encounters offers students the benefit of repetition.
  • Feedback & Remediation: Continual progress reports prepare students for psychomotor clinical simulation and working with live clients.
  • 24×7 Availability: On-demand practice with virtual clients is available to students through the mobile app.
  • Enhanced Critical Thinking: Aligned with Next Generation NCLEX, the immersive experience encourages critical thinking and promotes improved client outcomes.

Whether it’s used on its own, or as a supplement to your current clinical time and simulation lab, i-Human Patients will help your students be better prepared for the NCLEX, and become more competent and confident nurses in their future careers.

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About i-Human Patients, Now Owned and Operated by Kaplan

i-Human Patients is a high performance cloud-based multimedia case authoring and playback system. The software platform simulates a complete medical patient encounter with animated avatars, human physiology and pathophysiology, virtual histopathology and 3D anatomy, all for the purpose of improving users’ patient assessment and diagnostic reasoning skills and patient outcomes. The system provides a comprehensive learning tool that integrates clinical experience much earlier into one’s education. It helps users develop patient assessment and diagnostic reasoning skills, and prepares them for their apprenticeship training with real patients.

Users receive online guidance, feedback, and coaching at every step of the learning process. The i-Human Patients Case Player is the next-generation, cloud-based virtual patient simulator and case authoring system. The Case Player simulates a complete medical patient encounter from taking a history, performing physical exams, building and ranking a differential, to ordering and evaluating tests. Cases allow integration of exercises related to the clinical and/or basic sciences associated with the clinical case, including virtual histopathology, 3D anatomy, and assessment rubrics such as MCQ, T/F, free-form text, matching questions, etc. And, their system provides individualized and objective evidence-based feedback as well as detailed group/cohort reporting.

About Kaplan Nursing Test Prep

Kaplan Nursing offers a wide portfolio of products and services to support faculty and administrators at today’s nursing schools. Programs are complemented by a dedicated team of over 600 nurse educators and hundreds more learning science, and support professionals who integrate the Kaplan program for students and faculty. Kaplan Nursing provides comprehensive solutions that span the nursing curriculum. With competitive pricing packages, Kaplan’s Institutional programs are both affordable and extensive. From Admissions Testing and Comprehensive NCLEX prep to Full-Service Curriculum Integration and NGN-focused Virtual Clinical Simulation, partnering with Kaplan ensures that your students are better prepared to succeed in nursing school and pass the NCLEX. Contact us to discuss the solutions that best fit your needs.

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