October 3, 2013By Lance Baily

Why You Need a Medical Audiovisual Technology Consultant For Simulation Center Design

medical simulation design consultant

Our friends at Drake Systems Group wrote in to let us know of a recent article entitled “Design Teams for Simulation Centers Call for Medical Audiovisual Technology Consultant”. I have heard numerous times from Simulation staff about the nightmares associated with their new medical simulation space because their design team was unaware of the pitfalls of building such a technology-intensive clinical training lab. This is of no fault of the end-user, nor the design company, because no one “knows what they don’t know”.  In other words, if you are building a new space – there are countless benefits to working with a medical simulation audiovisual and technology design consultant.

drake systems group

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Here’s an excerpt from the article which further explains why: “A general audiovisual design consultant typically does not have the expertise or medical knowledge prerequisites for medical simulation systems design.  There are no training programs per se.  Too much time is spent learning on the job, which proves potentially unpleasant and unnecessarily costly for the client and simulation center staff.  Many audiovisual designers new to the medical field overlook details and create overly complicated systems that never get used properly, and clearly do not meet a facility’s needs. Additional support and problem solving to try and optimize poorly designed systems leads to lost time, blown budgets, and client frustration.”

If you are interested in hearing examples of the simulation center design from a diverse panel of simulation program administrators – check out the downloadable video content available through HealthySimAdmin.com.

Here’s more about the article: Healthcare simulation is one of the few technology markets that continues to grow annually. Design in this field is highly specialized, and design teams should seek medical audiovisual technology consultants with considerable expertise or else risk delay, missed objectives, and frustrating project builds.

This DSG article will:

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  • Differentiate between generalist audiovisual and medical audiovisual
  • Give the reader a unique insight into the medical audiovisual technology
  • Define the benefits of including expert technology consultant on the Sim Center Design Team”

Click Here to access the article written by Drake Systems Group, Inc. Vice President Brian Moores.

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