December 18, 2020By Lindsey Nolen

iNNOGING Launches iNNOSIM, A Cloud-Based SaaS Ultrasound Simulator

To help ensure that ultrasonography studies do not cease as a result of COVID-19, healthcare simulation software company, iNNOGING, introduced a new SaaS based simulator in November 2020. The cloud-based ultrasound simulator and e-learning platform, iNNOSIM, allows medical simulation training to occur at any time and from anywhere with customizable content, tests and curricula.

This product provides clinical learners and practitioners the ability to practice real ultrasound simulation scenarios through use of the internet and without specialized equipment. Course material customization is made possible through iNNOGING proprietary technology and can be created by facilitators uploading real scans from any ultrasound device. All training content consists of real ultrasound scans, either from content provided with the system or the scans uploaded by users.

The solution is able to support hundreds of simultaneous users and includes basic content packages as well as a curriculum creator for simulation educators or course administrators. Further, iNNOSIM is structured as an open platform, enabling universities and hospitals to share their curricula and contribute to what will become the best and most comprehensive database of ultrasound training content available.

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In addition to being able to easily create course content that meets educational goals, iNNOSIM presents simulation educators with the opportunity to track learner progress and assignments remotely. They can create auto-grading tests and communicate with students interactively. Alternatively, learners benefit from engaging with iNNOSIM because the solution is extremely convenient, interactive and provides a realistic, real-time learning experience. The results stemming from the ability to learn from real ultrasound scan content are profound.

The commercial availability of iNNOSIM comes after successful pilots with 420 users, conducted at Lausanne Medical University in Switzerland and Tel Aviv School of Medicine of Tel Aviv University in Israel. Now, learners can practice performing ultrasound exams using fully-responsive virtual elements using any internet-connected computer (PC or Mac). iNNOSIM is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud for robust remote performance, excellent load-balancing and 99% up-time.

Currently, iNNOGING is offering iNNOSIM for under $50 per user for select customers for a limited time only to help medical schools and hospitals provide ultrasound education despite COVID-19 distancing restrictions.

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More About iNNOGING Medical

iNNOGING is a medical device company that produces singular technology to enable radiologists and physicians to remotely analyze ultrasound scans as if the patient was right next to them. The company’s mission is to provide the radiologist an accurate, easy and fast tool to view and analyze remotely an ultrasound scan.

iNNOGING addresses a critical technology gap in medical imaging diagnosis today. Although ultrasound is a dynamic real-time examination, the physician who provides the diagnosis is usually not present during the exam itself. That often leads to the loss of critical data which can be seen only in real time, during the patient’s scan.

For this reason, iNNOGING has sought to help ultrasound education take a giant leap forward by bringing the full, dynamic, real-time examination to the physician. The company’s technology gives medical simulation professionals the ability to remotely analyze recorded ultrasound scans through a high-fidelity telesimulation environment.

Following three years of technological development in an Israeli university innovation lab, iNNOGING was incorporated in 2018. Led by CEO Adi Baruch, iNNOGING was built by a highly experienced, innovative group of industry and tech leaders, with a shared vision of revolutionizing the field of ultrasound image analysis.

Headquartered in Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel, iNNOGING is also developing a unique platform of software and hardware for ultrasound image analysis. The software converts the data from any ultrasound device to a 3D representation of the scanned area. The unique Probe and Pad provides a user interface that allows easy navigation within the scan similar to using a typical ultrasound device with the availability to attain views from multiple planes.

With iNNOGING’s technology, ultrasound scans become interactive 3D models in which the user can navigate, analyze and evaluate. iNNOGING aims to revolutionize ultrasound image analysis and improve ultrasound diagnostics around the world.

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Today’s article was written in support with Yehiel Polatov, MBA, EVP Business Development at iNNOGING Medical.

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