August 28, 2015

Upcoming September ‘TeamSTEPPS Trainer Essentials Plus’ Courses by Dr. Timothy Clapper at PA Global Institute for Sim Training

Word today is about an upcoming September 4th early-bird deadline to participate in Dr. Timothy Clapper’s Upcoming September/October TeamSTEPPS Trainer Essentials Plus courses. Dr. Clapper was the SimGHOSTS 2013 USA keynote speaker where he spoke on the ability for TeamSTEPPS to be utilized not only for healthcare to healthcare discussions, but also for healthcare [...]

September 8, 2014

Timothy Clapper PhD Articles on TeamSTEPPS Communication Training Opportunities for Medical Simulation Programs

Just received an email from my good friend Timothy Clapper, PhD regarding yet ANOTHER great article he has produced regarding TeamSTEPPS communication practices with regards to healthcare simulation. TeamSTEPPS was developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality utilizing CRM communication models from the space and aviation industry. Timothy’s work continues to innovate [...]

August 27, 2013

Watch the SimGHOSTS 2013 Keynote Address, Sponsored by Laerdal

At SimGHOSTS 2013, Laerdal sponsored a keynote address designed to empower the voices of Simulation Technology Specialists through the AHRQ designed communication tool called “TEAMSTEPPS”. The event was recorded in full HD.

To view the Laerdal Sponsored SimGHOSTS 2013 Keynote Address, visit the SimGHOSTS.Org website article. 

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August 5, 2013

Medical Simulation Technology Conference Keynote LiveStreamed FREE This Wed Aug. 7th

Medical Simulation Technologists Conference Opening Keynote Session to be livestreamed for FREE this Wednesday August 7th at 7:50AM CST, Sponsored by Laerdal!

SimGHOSTS, or The Gathering Of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the World’s emerging professional simulation technician community. Sim Techs are the folks responsible for operating the day-to-day technology [...]

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