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McGlinn Institute Provides Specialized Neonatal Skills, Courses & Simulation Training Opportunities

McGlinn Institute specializes in neonatal education, skills training and healthcare simulation services. Through innovative lectures, workshops, and clinical simulation experiences they can help institutions, educators and learners reach specific competency and accreditation goals. Healthcare Institutions looking for expert advice with Simulation and Neonatal Simulation skills training workshops, courses, simulation experiences and consulting support will find everything they need and more from McGlinn Institute, which is founded and run by Dr. McGlinn!

Dr. Leigh Ann Cates-McGlinn is the owner and director of the McGlinn Institute. She has over 25 years of total clinical experience including as a registered nurse (RN) and respiratory therapist (RRT) and neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP), and over 2 decades in healthcare education. She received specialized training as a simulation specialist at Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Pediatric Education (CAPE) in 2009, and Harvard’s Institute for Medical Simulation in 2014.

Dr. Cates-McGlinn has extensive experience in the design and coordination of neonatal simulation courses, and has utilized that experience in training learners in RN, respiratory care, neonatal nurse practitioner, and neonatal fellowship programs across the nation. Her research interests include healthcare competency evaluation, high-fidelity simulation training, and has performed as a legal case consultant. She has published numerous journal articles and book chapters and serves as a reviewer for multiple healthcare journals. Dr. Cates-McGlinn has also presented on multiple levels ranging from local to international. She currently practices as a NNP in multiple facilities in the Charlotte, NC area.

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Dr. McGlinn’s skills training workshops are for all levels of learners from basic bedside nursing skills to high stakes procedures such as intubation, chest tubes, and hands-on use of the defibrillator. Other trainable skill sets include interosseous placement, abdominal paracentesis, chest tube placement, umbilical line placement, endotracheal intubation, and other highly delicate neonatal procedures. The skills courses are delivered in a live setting with Gold Standard-peer reviewed training videos as well as one on one coaching.

McGlinn’s simulation experiences are developed to meet your institution’s specific learning objectives, expected level of understanding, as well as any competency and accreditation standards you need to acquire or maintain. Each simulation scenario is followed by a comprehensive debriefing for all participants and detailed reports to meet accreditation needs such as Magnet, Joint Commission, or USNews & World Report. Their highly customized simulations use a multidimensional pedagogy, and are created based upon your primary objectives and the participants anticipated level of mastery. In addition, their simulation experiences are developed to train and evaluate key cognitive, technical, and behavioral competencies.

McGlinn Institute Clinical Simulation Opportunities Include:

  • Multidimensional Competency Testing
  • In-Situ Simulations
  • Job Interview Candidate Assessment
  • Crisis Resource Management
  • New/Mock Facility Testing
  • Multidimensional Competency Training
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Courses
  • Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) Courses
  • Difficult Conversations

Available Live In-Person or Virtual Online Courses From McGlinn Institute (Now and Upcoming)

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McGlinns Institute’s neonatal education services can be delivered in online virtual or live on campus formats. They are building courses that will enhance any Neonatal Nurse Practitioner program, including an online board certification review course. Listed here are only a few of the presentations offered by McGlinn Institute, which are all peer reviewed! Contact them to inquire about specific healthcare topics you or your facility need!

  • Sample Neonatal Topics:
    • ABG Interpretation & Treatment
    • Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy
    • Diagnostic Imaging Interpretation
    • Respiratory Pathophysiology
    • Congenital Heart Disease
    • & More…
  • Neonatal EKG Interpretation & Treatment (1 CEU/CMU): This presentation focuses on easily recognizing and understanding neonatal EKG interpretation & treatment.
  • Neonatal Assessment Modules 1-5 (5 CEUs/CMUs): Each of the modules focuses on five initial portions of a neonatal assessment. These include obtaining a comprehensive history, assessment of gestational age, integumentary, neurological, and musculoskeletal assessments.
  • Neonatal Assessment Modules 6-10 (5 CEUs/CMUs) Coming Soon: This module concentrates on the respiratory, cardiovascular, abdominal, Genitourinary, and HEENT assessments.
  • Nurse Practitioner Review Course (20 CEUs/CMUs) Coming Soon: This module concentrates on each portion of the NCC Certification Board Exam for NNPs as well as exam logistics and test taking strategies .

What People Are Saying About McGlinn Institutes Services

“Dr. McGlinn is a great educator & I loved her quick summary after each important point. It helped me to assimilate the learning objectives. Her presentation was very well articulated & paced perfectly for the online medium. For me it was everything I need to have for an accurate update in a way that was presented so simply for a complicated topic. Thank you very much!” -Emer Cooper

“Great presentation! I am a NICU nurse and IBCLC, and I know I will be sharing with my colleagues. Loved the NICU memory tips for when to do cardioversion (with a pulse) and when to defibrillate (pulseless). Awesome! Thank you!” -2019 GOLD Neonatal Conference Attendee

Loved how she gave a practical explanation to an often difficult to understand topic. Great presentation and best EKG lecture I’ve had. Very useful and applicable with lots of repetition to help remember. Wish she had taught me PALS! Now I finally understand! – CANNP Symposium Evaluation

A Unique Training Opportunity for Neonatal Programs Around the World

McGlinn Institute specializes in neonatal education, skills, & simulation to enhance professional neonatal learning and training programs and curricula. They have over 25 years of experience and highly sought after training in the design, management and implementation of high-quality neonatal education, skills, and simulation events for all levels of providers and learners. Certainly they can help any neonatal program reach their goals of providing the desired neonatal training or meeting accreditation requirements such as Joint Commission, Magnet or US News & World Report. Contact them today for more information on how they can help you deliver excellent neonatal education, skills, and simulation for your institution!

Visit the McGlinn Institute Website Today to Learn More!

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