October 8, 2019By Lance Baily

Simulaids Continues Long Tradition of Innovative Medical Simulator Products with Alex PCS

Simulaids is a trauma manikin production company that has provided cutting edge training solutions for over 50 years. The company has been producing trauma moulage products since 1963, making the Simulaids brand among the first commercially available wounds for EMS practice. Based in New York, their passion is to improve health care education, healthcare simulation and patient safety through more realistic training aids. Today we take a closer look at the products available from Simulaids, a brand of Nasco Healthcare, including their unique Alex Patient Communication Simulator!

Products and Services

Working to help advance the field of simulation in healthcare in many firsts, Simulaids has sought to produce high-quality CPR baby manikins, fire and water rescue manikins, intubation heads manufactured of silicone, hand held personal data assistants for controlling patient simulators and new silicone moulage. Attempting to provide the highest quality, the company has stressed the ability to offer realistic details, as well as a life-like feel. The training products offered by Simulaids can be broken up into four primary categories: patient simulators, EMS skills, nursing and medical skills and rescue skills. Each area of training and clinical simulation education requires the employment of unique trauma moulage products and at varying prices.

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Patient Simulators

Patient simulation systems provide learners with a full range of patient-centric trainers for the most demanding health training environments. These products are designed to help these learners train more, in less time and with better training outcomes.

Consumers looking to acquire a patient simulator should first decide between high fidelity or medium fidelity. The higher the fidelity of a simulator, the more realistic the patient will present to learners. This includes products like their Smart Mom and the Smart Stat Family. Simulaids patient simulator options additionally include the choice of a BLS manikin such as the BLS full body patient simulator with carry bag is designed for professional and beginning CPR students.

This manikin features an individual student airway system comprised of an inexpensive face shield and a separate airway system. Furthermore, the teachable procedures include hand placement, chest compression, nose pinch, head tilt, jaw thrust and taking carotid pulse. Simulaids offers replacement patient simulator parts and accessories as well.

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EMS Skills

Simulaids is a producer of hands-on skills trainers that emergency service personnel demand in their training. This training is essential to helping learners develop and sustain the lifesaving skills they need to use in the field each day.

Therefore, the cost-effective solutions offered by Simulaids provide the detail and durability necessary in educational and training scenarios. This is true in the case of both students new to the realm of healthcare, and to veterans simply hoping to hone their skills.

To meet the demands of training, Simulaids offered airway management, cardiac, CPR, fluid management and trauma management products. Examples of these products include a complete child or adult airway management kit, a lumbar puncture and spinal epidural simulator, catheterization simulator sets extreme trauma and casualty simulation kits and more.

Nursing and Medical Skills

Simulaids also provides skills trainers to help keep the focus on improved patient outcomes through the development and refinement of skills needed in an increasingly demanding healthcare environment. The company stresses that its quality training and tools leads to stronger patient outcomes.

These training tools focus on overall assessment skills and skills necessary to the specializations within OB/GYN, fluid management, wound treatment patient care and education support. Some of these products include life/form basic manikins, digital heart sound simulators, pelvic examination and gynecological task trainers, cardiac auscultation and even a childbirth simulator.

Rescue Skills

Simulaids has been additionally worked to become a leader in supporting rescue training for fire, police and military units and personnel for over 50 years. The company has utilized reliable skills trainers that foster the confidence, skills and endurance to educate learners on the necessary information they will need in the field. Such specialized training is needed to face the many challenges in a hazardous world and to be able to effectively save lives.

Simulaids separates rescue skills into four primary categories: fire rescue, water rescue, specialty training and trauma management. Fire rescue products include“Rescue Randy,” which is a male manikin that comes into a variety of weight options ranging from 55 lbs. to 250 lbs. Also designed with fire rescue training in mind, “Rescue Jennifer” is a smaller sized manikin, simulating the female body during rescue.

Water rescue manikins come in a variety of sizes as well, and are made of durable vinyl plastic with rust-resistant stainless steel skeletons and articulated joints. When filled with water, manikin will submerge to the neck. Simulaids also creates manikins which simulate newborns and children during water rescue. These manikins are often used by the American Red Cross, U.S. Coast Guard, sheriff’s department, lifeguard trainers, and emergency personnel.

Examples of specialty simulation training products are a bariatric rescue suit, thermal image scanners and weighted vests. Lastly, trauma management products include hemorrhage control kits, splint trainers, forensic wound simulation kits, simulated burns and fractures and more.

About Alex Patient Communication Simulator Alex

To keep up with industry trends, the company now also offers patient simulators controlled by iPad. In the coming years, learners can look forward to the evolution of the patient communication simulator (PCS). This product is a patient simulator for the age of AI, which is built on state-of-the-art technology. The PCS is available today, and is designed for (but not limited to) nursing programs, first-year medical students and patient care personnel.

One product demonstrating the push toward artificial intelligence is Simulaid’s “Alex” Patient Communication Simulator. Referred to by the company as the patient simulator that can “see, listen and talk,” this product offers an HD camera for digital video, live streaming and recorded review. This helps the user to experience the true patient perspective. “Alex” also includes advanced speech recognition integration, a sound enhancing stethoscope and wireless pressure sensor.

Alex Features:

  • Manikin: Male with interchangeable female accessory kit, which includes torso overlay, genitalia, and wig. Available in light skin tone, and medium skin tone.
  • Speech: Advanced speech recognition integrating Google Cloud Speech API and speech synthesis to support fully automated medical interviewing exercises. (patent pending)
  • Real-Time Remote Simulation Control: Adjust vitals, speech and sounds using any internet-connected device. Collect checklist data, watch live video.
  • Patient Authoring: Create new patients by customizing vitals, checklists, patient file and all speech questions and responses. Share and collaborate with other ALEX/PCS users.
  • Simulation Archive: Search and review your past simulation sessions with trend charts, logs and checklists. Built-in video debriefing in PLUS and PRO.
  • Access Control: Student access for patient file and vitals monitoring. Share full simulator control and patient scenario authoring with collaborators.

More About the Simulaids Company

The focus on staying up-to-date in the realm of medical simulation is what also ultimately led Simulaids to build a new 83,000-square-foot facility, in Saugerties, New York, in 2006. This facility has helped the healthcare simulation product provider to ship over 95 percent of all orders in less than five days. So, not only is Simulaids working to stay at the forefront of trauma moulage production technology, but the medical simulation brand is also striving to meet the customer service needs of all customers.

Through creating durable and economical products for over half a century, Simulaids has established experienced employees who consistently supply top quality products. In terms of healthcare training aid, the company is considered an overall superior training experience. Through offering these trauma moulage products, Simulaids is helping to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills, conduct patient assessments, acquire foundational nursing skills, meet high-level clinical simulation goals and evaluate nursing competencies.

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