August 31, 2020By Donna Prosser

Safe and Reliable Patient Care: How the Patient Safety Movement Foundation Can Help

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Presentation Details

September 14, 2020 at 10:00 AM, Pacific Coast Time Zone

Presented by: Donna M. Prosser DNP, RN, NE-BC, FACHE, BCPA

Presentation Abstract

Despite dedicated efforts by healthcare professionals over the past 20 years, more than 200,000 people continue to die annually in the United States due to preventable medical error. Most organizations have implemented improvement in silos, and few have truly established a safe, reliable foundation as a core, strategic focus. Organizations who are highly reliable demonstrate three critical components: a person-centered culture of safety, a holistic continuous improvement framework, and an effective model for sustainment. Without all three foundational components, ongoing, population-specific improvements will continue to fail.

In this session, we will discuss why previous efforts at sustainment improvement haven’t been effective, and what the healthcare industry needs to do differently so that we can finally hardwire the highly reliable systems we need to keep people safe. We will review the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS), which are available for free download on our website. The APSS include evidence-based summaries of best practices, performance improvement plans, educational videos, articles, and coaching.

Duration (Hours): 1
Type of Offering: Webinar
Teaching Method: Lecture with Slide Presentation

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the three critical components of a foundation for safe and reliable care.
  2. Identify the short- and long-term interventions to take next.
  3. Locate free PSMF resources, including the expanded Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS).

Suggested Learner Level: Intermediate

Presenter Biography

Donna M. Prosser DNP, RN, NE-BC, FACHE, BCPA
Chief Clinical Officer
Patient Safety Movement Foundation

Dr. Donna Prosser has been in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years and is currently the Chief Clinical Officer at the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. She spent the first fifteen years of her career at the bedside and transitioned into administration after a personal experience helped her to understand just how fragmented and unsafe patient care can be. This experience ignited a passion to improve healthcare quality and safety in her that continues to burn to this day.

Prior to joining the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, Dr. Prosser worked as a healthcare consultant, helping organizations across the United States to improve quality and safety, increase patient engagement, and reduce clinician burnout. Before beginning her consulting career, she served as a Chief Nursing Officer and was responsible for clinical practice improvement across two healthcare systems.


Presenter is employed by nonprofit organization Patient Safety Movement Foundation.

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Kim Baily Kim Baily
Posted 3 days ago
The Many Resources of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.

Dr. Prosser summarizes the progress (or lack there of) in decreasing the number of patient deaths and near misses due to medical errors since the 1960s. Dr. Prosser then provides a very helpful overview of the strategies offered by the Patient Safety Movement Foundation to improve patient safety as well as the many free resources available on the Foundation's website.

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