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Have you been tasked with starting a new healthcare simulation program? Are you a clinical educator with no idea where to begin with designing a manikin scenario? Has your institution secured a new piece of medical simulator equipment but no one has any idea how to get the thing running?

Or are you an experienced simulation coordinator looking to expand your budget, hire more staff, and construct a new sim lab? Just wish you had a way to skip the long learning curve and get straight the key insights you need to move forward now?

Imagine what it would be like to have the all the answers to your challenges now, understanding all the pitfalls to avoid and strategies that have already been proven to work. Just think of the praise and appreciation you could feel from your supervisors, coworkers, staff and learners with such knowledge at your fingertips! is proud to launch its new ongoing webinar presentation platform to support medical simulation champions such as yourself with the 24/7 access to latest 1 hour presentations from leading experts from all over the world!

From novice level introductions to the theory of clinical simulation to expert presentations on the latest debriefing techniques — educators, administrators, and technicians will all gain powerful value from the ever growing library of unique and high quality presentations.

Start your subscription today to gain instant access to both upcoming live healthcare simulation presentations as well as our entire library of previously recorded content and move your simulation program forward like never before!*

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Angela Hoenig

“’s Webinar Subscription is the best! Learning from global clinical simulation experts has never been easier — I use it weekly!” -Angela Hoenig, RN Webinar Subscription Benefits

By subscribing to’s ongoing webinar program, you and your team can gain ongoing access to the latest healthcare simulation presentations from leading experts around the world — and at the lowest price possible!

Save BIG on presentation fees by subscribing to the entire platform now and instantly gain full access to every 1 hour+ presentation available including:

  • Upcoming Live Presentations: Instant access to upcoming live webinar presentations that occur during your billing cycle.
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*BETA DISCOUNTED* Monthly Subscription
17 days for free then $21 / month

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Looking to share your healthcare simulation experience with your global community of peers? Submit a 1 hour presentation abstract now and, once accepted, we will help to host and market your webinar in weeks to follow on our website and webinar systems. We review and accept presentations on ANY topic related to medical simulation, surgical simulation, or nursing simulation including:

  • Latest research findings
  • Tutorial guides, tips and tricks
  • Debriefing and Prebriefing
  • Faculty buy-in
  • Operations and administration
  • Technology innovations
  • Staffing and management
  • Curriculum development
  • Adult learning theory through simulation
  • Moulage and special effects makeup
  • DIY projects
  • Clinical learning outcomes
  • Patient Safety improvements using simulation
  • Virtual and digital tools
  • Program highlights and success stories
  • And anything else you think might be relevant to your peers!
Healthy Simulation

You do NOT have to have a subscription to submit a presentation abstract, just simply register and submit your presentation materials today — Learn more on the Presentation Submission Page!

Dr. Scott Crawford

“’s webinar platform brings experts and a global audience together to share simulation concepts and provide educational development opportunities without the costs or current risks of travel because of the pandemic.”
-Dr. Scott Crawford, MD
Associate Professor, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso &
Director, Training and Educational Center for Healthcare Simulation (TECHS)

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Coming in September: A Leaderboard of the Most Viewed Presentations From Around the World!

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