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Healthcare Simulation LEARN Platform Webinars for June 2022

The webinar platform “LEARN” hosts a number of informative healthcare simulation webinars each month. These medical simulation presentations are designed to cover a range of topics related to clinical simulation, including education, training, and practice. In June 2022, a number of presentations will be given that discuss topics related to mixed reality education, clinical student kits, virtual simulations, and clinical simulation resources. By registering to watch one or all of these webinars, simulationists, and learners have the opportunity to listen to and learn from various leaders across the clinical simulation industry.

6/7 @ 11AM PDT: Mixed Reality XR and Healthcare Education: What Does the Future Hold?

Presented by Laura Gonzalez, Ph.D., APRN, CNE, CHSE-A, ANEF, FAAN, this one-hour, intermediate webinar (with 1 Contact Hour of RN CE) will explore the use of XR technologies in healthcare education both now, and in the future. The benefits and challenges of XR will be discussed along with privacy and safety considerations. This will be followed by a deeper dive into some exemplar cases to provide a deeper understanding of the various ways XR can be used in education and training. The current state of research into the use of XR will be discussed, including how to measure both outcomes and usability of the technology. You will leave with ways to optimize student learning in innovative and exciting ways. Learning objectives include:

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  • Understand the differences between XR, VR, AR.
  • Explore current exemplar cases and practical application for use in clinical simulation.
  • Review current research and outcomes of XR related to healthcare.

6/8 @ 9AM PDT: Custom Clinical Student Kits From Medical Shipment Can Meet Your Exact Educational Needs

Presented by Mike Franzese, BS, this one-hour, beginner webinar will showcase how Medical Shipment’s customized clinical student kits can be quickly built to best fit your program’s training needs. The presentation will also explore the benefits of customizing clinical student kits, demonstrate the way to quickly and easily build customized kits, and identify how such kits can be utilized across a variety of disciplines in healthcare. Learning objectives include:

  • Discuss the importance and benefits of customized kits for clinical students.
  • Analyze the kit building process and levels of customization available from Medical Shipment.
  • Identify how custom kits can be used with a variety of curricula across any healthcare discipline.

6/23 @ 10AM PDT: Improving Student Nurse Scores with Virtual Simulations

Presented by Hannah O’Handley, MSN, RN, CPNP, this one-hour, beginner webinar (with 1 Contact Hour of RN CE) explores some of the best practices for using virtual simulation with undergraduate clinical nursing learners. Virtual simulation software was initially donated as a pandemic trial project. Interestingly, the software was not well received by some clinical faculty as it has a learning curve for the facilitator. In the process with comfort and good feedback were several established situation background assessment recommendation (SBAR) creations. Learning objectives include:

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  • Comprehend the importance of instructor-engaged facilitation in the use of virtual clinical simulation with student nurses learning actively.
  • Understand the process of guiding and stimulating active learning in undergraduate student nurses during virtual simulation.
  • Perceive the best practice for facilitating and implementing virtual simulation in clinical undergraduate nursing.

6/27 @ 10AM PDT: A Free Open Access Virtual Patient Monitor from Columbia University Medical Center

Presented by Adam Blumenberg, MD MA, this one-hour, intermediate webinar will introduce the open-access virtual patient monitor Med Sim Studio software tool, a free-to-use platform for clinical simulation educators to display visual stimuli and share their cases. Med Sim Studio is an open-access free software resource for healthcare simulation educators including immediate access to a comprehensive suite of medical visual stimuli, automated documentation, and data collection, cases pre-loaded with the relevant background information, and images, and the ability to customize and share cases instantly. The software platform is highly mobile and may be used in various teaching scenarios. Educators may teach in hospitals or clinics, in ambulances, outdoors, or from their home computers via remote learning platforms. Learning objectives include:

  • Design, produce and share novel medical cases using the open-access Med Sim Studio platform simulated patient monitor.
  • Operate the vital signs, image stimulus, and waveform display features in Med Sim Studio.
  • Practice running pre-scripted medical cases such as anaphylaxis or tension pneumothorax in Med Sim Studio.

6/30 @ 9AM PDT: Facilitating a Clinical Day with Immersive VR Simulation

Presented by Christine Vogel, MSN, RN, CHSE, CHSOS, this one-hour, beginner webinar (with 1 Contact Hour of RN CE) will guide nurse educators on prebriefing, facilitating, and debriefing immersive VR simulations according to best practice standards. Participants will analyze a sample immersive VR clinical day schedule and highlight how to apply the INACSL HSSOBP when prebriefing, facilitating, and debriefing a VR simulation-based experience. Learning objectives include:

  • Identify the benefits of immersive VR simulation in nursing education.
  • Describe how to structure a simulation day when using immersive VR scenarios.
  • Discuss applying the INACSL Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice when prebriefing, facilitating, and debriefing an immersive VR simulation.

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