September 1, 2020By Lance Baily Announces New Healthcare Simulation Webinar Platform — with September Specials!

They say that when a door closes, a window opens. When COVID-19 set upon the World in early 2020 the chaos it caused the healthcare simulation industry was certainly disruptive — but perhaps not entirely in the negative. While we have individually faced the same daily challenges as others in our towns, cities, states and countries, we were also collectively forced to develop rapid specialized training protocols, campus closures, clinical rotation cancellations, or even medical simulation program layoffs.

As innovative clinical simulation champions, we are usually comfortable with the discomfort of not knowing all the answers, with being forced to make critical decisions quickly and under pressure, and with having to do whatever it takes to make simulation work. Able to roll with the tide, some of us have found that hidden within these institutional crises is a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change things for the better. In fact, champions like Dr. Kellie Bryant and her team at Columbia University School of Nursing have quickly deployed new and effective simulation technologies which are not only overcoming the effects of the Coronavirus but which “will also have a permanent place in our program well after the pandemic ends”.

But now, with every single healthcare simulation conference in 2020 either cancelled or converted to a virtual event, the time-limited support we normally gather from connecting with our peers to answer such challenges has been partly closed. When the collective need for new ways to converse and learn with the global community became clear six months ago, the team immediately started working overtime to open a much-needed window of fresh air.

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Today we are proud to announce the pre-launch of our new healthcare simulation webinar platform!

Subscribe in September and get additional discounts for you and your simulation team to…

  • Gain instant access to all upcoming live webinars for some of the world’s leading experts
  • Never miss a thing with ongoing access to every recorded presentation ever previously recorded
  • Share your simulation success stories with the international community
  • Download certificates of completion for each presentation watched (contact hours coming soon…)
  • Engage with professional colleagues to learn and share best practices
  • Show progress with activity badges and leaderboard achievements
  • Save big with institutional subscriptions for your entire team
  • Guarantee your investment with a 30-day money back promise!

After 10 years of supporting the global simulation in healthcare community, is so excited to begin the next phase of its professional development support to simulation champions around the world. Start today and take your sim program to the next level, with 24/7 digital access from your home or office, anywhere in the entire world.

Considering that it could potentially be well over a year before in-person conferences become possible again, the time to connect with other champions to learn and share best practices for simulation in healthcare is now.

Whether you are a “one-person army” doing it all, or representing a team of thirty dedicated simulation staff members (yes — that actually exists), or a clinical educator, simulation centre manager, c-suite executive, or new simulation technician, the new webinar platform is designed for everyone utilizing simulation. Check out just a handful of the upcoming presentations…

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  Upcoming Live Presentations

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Save Big with Your Team in September! An annual institutional subscription enables for 5 team members of the same simulation program to connect and learn together as a collaborative group or individually with the presentations that most benefit them. Each team member will be able to download certificates of completion, earn achievements, learn and engage with the content they need in the time they have. With a single institutional subscription, your entire team can participate in uniquely relevant presentations covering dynamic domains including research, administration, clinical practice, education, and technical applications.

“’s webinar platform brings experts and a global audience together to share simulation concepts and provide educational development opportunities without the costs or current risks of travel because of the pandemic.” Dr. Scott Crawford, MD
Associate Professor, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso &
Director, Training and Educational Center for Healthcare Simulation (TECHS)

Overcoming distance learning obstacles, starting new telesimulation practices, understanding the latest digital based training technologies, and using sim lab down time to engage in the latest professional development opportunities in the age of COVID-19 and beyond, is what’s new webinar platform is all about. That and showcasing the awesome work champions just like you are sharing with the global community…


30-Day Money Back Guarantee: We are committed to providing our community with a meaningful resource. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your subscription, simply e-mail us requesting a refund during your first 30 days and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Remember, the pre-launch celebration only lasts for September — so secure extra savings for you or your team by subscribing now!

Learn More About the New Webinar Platform Here!

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