August 17, 2020By Lance Baily

Simulation Canada Offers 4 Summer Micro Course Series

Simulation Canada‘s new online micro-course series provides accessible, affordable, just-in-time learning for the new normal in healthcare simulation. They may be taken individually or as a complementary package, starting from now and going through September, covering topics from Scenario design, telesimulation, prebriefing and debriefing, and practical fundamentals.

With clinical placement opportunities limited by the pandemic, many schools are emphasizing simulation opportunities for learners to gain essential skills and experiences. Accordingly, educators are adapting their roles – some entering simulation for the first time and others shifting to deliver distance simulations by web conference or to develop virtual simulations / virtual patients.

All courses comprise 4-6 contact hours with leading simulation experts to provide the absolute essential principles and practical techniques for educators from any healthcare or human service field. Additional supplementary resources will be made available online for each course.

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These new courses are in response to the evolving importance and nature of simulation during the COVID-19 pandemic. With clinical placement opportunities limited by the pandemic, many schools are emphasizing simulation opportunities for learners to gain essential skills and experiences.

Educators new to simulation will be facilitating sessions, and experienced simulationists are turning to virtual options – whether live by videoconference or self-guided virtual patients/games – to make experiential learning accessible to students. Similarly, simulationists in clinical settings are trying to make simulation-based professional development and system assessment/improvement accessible to community and rural sites in their region.

These courses are NOT just for Canadians, they are open to participants from anywhere in the world! Their facilitators are Canadian leaders in simulation but the principles and practices we cover are applicable anywhere. Also, the courses are not just designed for simulation educators, as the strategies and techniques included in these courses can be applied to nearly any field of human services. They have welcomed past participants from security, firefighting, social work, early childhood education, developmental services, culinary services, and others.

These are not self-directed, each module has synchronous, live sessions by web conference. Some independent work between sessions may be required. Sessions will be recorded so if you can’t make it to a live session, they will record it and post it within the course site.

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Practical Fundamentals Intended for educators undertaking simulation-based teaching: This online micro-course covers the essential and practical foundations of simulation, including key concepts and educational theories, an approach to planning and preparing for your simulations.

Live sessions:
Monday August 17th @ 13:00PM – 15:00PM EDT
Wednesday August 19th @ 13:00PM – 15:00PM EDT

Briefing & Debriefing Intended for educators new to or with limited experience the simulation healthcare: This online micro-course covers the essential strategies and techniques for briefing learners before a simulation and facilitating a debriefing after a simulation.

Live sessions:
Monday August 24th @ 13:00PM – 15:00PM EDT
Wednesday August 26th @ 13:00PM – 15:00PM EDT

Sim by Web Conference – Facilitating Virtually: Learn how to adapt the planning (logistical and technological), briefing, facilitation and debriefing of live simulations for the virtual environment – by web conference or videoconference. Featuring 9 virtual simulation leaders from across Canada.

Live sessions:
Tuesday September 1st @ 12:00-13:30 EDT
Thursday September 3rd @ 14:00-15:30 EDT

Virtual Scenario Design: Virtual patients, or virtual simulation games, are experiential, interactive scenarios that learners can complete independently. Learn how to select an appropriate technology platform, plan and author scenarios, and integrate the virtual experience into a curriculum, including debriefing.

Live sessions:
Friday September 11th – 14:00PM – 15:00PM EDT
Friday September 25th – 14:00PM – 15:00PM EDT

Visit the Simulation Canada MicroCourse Page to Learn More Now!

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