July 27, 2020By Lance Baily

UPMC’s WISER Center Now Offers Complimentary Preview Modules to Online TechSim Course

Healthcare Simulation champions looking for a leg up in technology operations should immediately consider previewing the online TechSim course modules available from UPMC’s WISER Simulation Center. These complimentary medical simulation modules allow participants to experience a portion of the larger TechSim course — at no cost! Today we take a closer look at the TechSim Online program which consists of 40 plus learning modules, and qualifies for 15 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits towards your CHSOS and CHSE certifications from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

TechSim is designed to educate those interested in simulation center operations and was designed based on the Society for Simulation in Healthcare‘s (SSH) CHSOS Examination Blueprint. Developed by their subject matter experts, the new TechSim online course offers forty modules of robust content which currently has a limited time introductory rate of only $150.00 — but pricing may change at any time so hurry! This course can be completed in the comfort of your own home or office, as you can navigate the digital online content at your own pace from anywhere.

Detailed, easy to follow web modules address the most prominent topics facing simulation center operations personnel today. With over forty modules of content, topics range from Concepts in Healthcare, to Supply and Inventory Management, to Simulation Operations Specialist Role in Curriculum Development Process, and so many more.

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TechSim Online Covers the Following Topics:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Simulation Operations Specialist
  • Understanding Simulation Terminology
  • Supply and Inventory Management
  • Audio Visual Considerations
  • IT Considerations
  • The Simulation Operations Specialist Role in Curriculum Development Process
  • Role of the Simulation Operations Specialist in Debriefing
  • Calendar Management
  • Simulation Center Policy and Procedure Considerations
  • Certification Considerations

With over 26 years of operational experience, WISER is accredited in all categories by SSH; additionally, a majority of WISER’s Operations team are Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialists (CHSOS). WISER supports the University of Pittsburgh Health Science programs and the UPMC hospital system (including eight additional Satellite sites within hospitals) making WISER one of the world’s busiest simulation centers (supporting more than 2,000 classes per year)! The courses topics generally include: scenario design, repair and maintenance, AV, calendar management, and many more.

A recent participant summarizes how over 150 participants have felt about the Online TechSim program: “It was very beneficial. I only wish that I had found the course prior to challenging the CHSOS exam. We intend to use this course to help prep any newly hired Sim Techs or Clinical Exam Center Coordinators that we have in the future, as well as prep for anyone attempting their CHSOS certification.”

Check out the Complimentary Preview Modules Here!

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More About the WISER Sim Center

The Winter Institute for Simulation Education and Research (WISER) is a world class multidisciplinary training and research facility. WISER is an institute of the University of Pittsburgh with a mission to conduct research and training programs utilizing simulation based education to provide a safer environment for patients of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and its affiliates. The Winter Institute for Simulation, Education, and Research (WISER) is dedicated to the advancement of healthcare simulation and education to improve patient safety, education, mentorship, systems design, and research to enhance the high quality delivery of healthcare.

Learn More & Register Today on WISER’s TechSim Webpage!

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